Academic 10: weather, accident, across, adventure, album

1. weather

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.
– Example:
+ if the weather’s good we can go for a walk
+ The weather is also unpredictable: it can be cold, hot or raining; you just don’t know what to expect.
+ Approximately 700 cyclists braved inclement weather as well as Friday night traffic to cause a little non-polluting road congestion.
+ Severe wintry weather is expected to continue over the weekend.
+ The forecast is for brighter weather after days of rain.
+ What’s the weather like where you are?
+ The cold weather has been suddenly replaced by warm humid conditions.
+ The launch had twice been postponed due to bad weather.
+ This work will be carried out in the near future weather permitting.

2. accident

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
– Example:
+ he had an accident at the factory
+ You haven’t been involved in any accidents or injuries at work?
+ I have heard of injuries from similar accidents, but none as severe as this.
+ Doctors say he is making satisfactory progress after suffering extensive injuries in the accident five weeks ago today.
+ However the damages and injuries from the accidents so far this year surpassed those of last year.
+ Currently, surgeons are forced to use grafts taken from other areas of a patient’s body to replace skin damaged in burns and accidents, but this is difficult in patients who are badly injured.
+ Your liability coverage will protect you if you cause an accident that results in damage or injuries, up to the limits of your policy.
+ Most of these accidents and injuries are irreversible, and a company cannot hand out a sincere apology and have the victim know for certain that they mean it – so they express their remorse with a cheque.
+ In the most favourable situation, there is only material damage, but often an accident causes physical injuries or even death.

3. across

– Part Of Speech: preposition
– Meaning: From one side to the other of (a place, area, etc.)
– Example:
+ travelling across Europe
+ Unfortunately, when we reached half way across the bridge a middle-aged man was speeding up behind us.
+ To travel across to the other side of the world with a woman I love, to meet up with a man I love?
+ Two young boys were playing football indiscriminately across the area with a plastic bottle.
+ Police believe that as she was driving out of the forecourt, she failed to negotiate the bend and drove across the grass area.
+ She didn’t even try to swim, but the waves of the lake carried her across to the other side.
+ His shot across the penalty area after good work by Neal Ardley lacked the power to trouble Paddy Kenny.
+ American troops spread out across the area yesterday to investigate what had happened and question witnesses.
+ With easterly winds often travelling across the industrial areas of Europe, the visibility can be quite poor.

4. adventure

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An unusual and exciting or daring experience.
– Example:
+ her recent adventures in Italy
+ A holiday in this province can be an exciting adventure.
+ The trip is an exciting adventure for Alex and mum Karen who is accompanying him, especially as the location for the shoot was originally going to be Nottingham.
+ Even for veteran scuba divers such as myself, an excursion on a submarine is an exciting adventure.
+ Starting a business based on a passion is an exciting adventure.
+ It is also an exciting adventure and a story of a quest that must be fulfilled.
+ She said she is certain he would approve of her daring adventures.
+ So grab your day pack, and get ready for some exciting adventures!
+ Unearthing incredible facts and artifacts for the Museum requires some exciting adventures.

5. album

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures.
– Example:
+ the wedding pictures had pride of place in the family album
+ You could look through a photo album or a diary of your child’s birth, for example.
+ I used to watch my dad as he placed our family photos in albums like this, neatly annotating them as he went along.
+ We had been down there once before, showing the guards our pictures in our albums when we had first arrived.
+ The photo albums contain various photographs of me in advanced states of disrepair.
+ One look at the suspect’s family album ought to have wrapped up the case in seconds.
+ There are no photographs from his family album or of him performing with the famous.
+ If your photographs are to be kept in albums to show to your friends then stay conventional.
+ At some point, the album left the ownership of the Churchill family and was found in a skip.

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