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Cue Card 2020 #17: Describe a crowded place you have visited

Describe a crowded place you have visited

You should say:

  • Where is it
  • When you went there
  • With whom you went there
  • And explain how you felt about being there?

Model answer:

  • India is a densely populated country, so we have lot of places which are often crowded.
  • Some of these places are religious shrines, historical sites and nowadays one can even find a lot of people at bus terminals, public gardens etcetera.
  • Today, I would like to talk about a shopping mall in Chandigarh, which is always brimming with people.
  • It’s called Elante Mall and it is located in the industrial area of Chandigarh.
  • The mall has total 5 floors which also include 2 levels for parking.
  • It was built approximately 7 years back and one can find stores of all global brands here.
  • The mall is mostly crowded over the weekends when people have their weekly offs.
  • It is a place where no one gets bored as people can do a lot of activities like playing games, watching movies, eating at their favourite restaurant etcetera.
  • The first time I went to this mall was with my cousins who live in Chandigarh.
  • It was during the winters and it had been only a month since the opening of the mall.
  • We had heard a lot about the mall from others and some even said it is one of the best malls in Asia.
  • So, we wanted to explore it ourselves and we were truly amazed.
  • It was a weekend and the mall was completely filled with people.
  • Everyone looked happy and excited just liked us.
  • Also, there were festive sales going and there were huge discounts at most of the stores, so we bought ourselves some new clothes at great prices.
  • We spent almost 5 hours at the mall and didn’t even realise how the time went by.
  • Now, I am a regular visitor at the mall and I do most of my shopping at Elante mall only.

Part 3: Follow ups

  • Is there a completely quiet place?
    I think that there are not many quiet places in the cities but if one goes to the countryside especially the mountain regions one can find lot of places with no noise. In my opinion the only quiet place in the cities would be a library, where everyone sits quietly and goes abouttheir work or studies.
  • Do you like to go to the places where there are many people?
    Well it depends a lot on my mood, when I feel like socialising, I like to visit crowded places like restaurants and malls. At these places when I see lot of people who are smiling and enjoying their time, I get a lot of positive vibes.
  • Do you like the places with large space?
    Yes, I like to visit places where there is a lot of space, one can comfortably roam around at such places whereas places which are tight make me feel claustrophobic. At large places, one’s personal space is not intruded.
  • What are the places which attract many people in your country?
    The two places which attract the most people in our country are religious shrines and shopping malls. People in my country just love being at these places and you will always find these places crowded.
  • What do you think is the most important thing of a public event?
    I think, nowadays, the most important thing of a public event is the security of the people because in huge crowd things can easily go wrong and lead to mishaps. Another arrangement that organisers should take care of would be public conveniences like drinking water, urinals etcetera. Organisers should also have plans for emergency situations like fire.
  • What are the types of problems that can be better solved by group work? I think all problems can be solved better by groupwork. When different minds work together on solving a problem, it leads to generation of multiple ideas, which help in solving the problem much faster and in a creative manner.
  • What kind of places do people want to go to when they want to be alone?
    When people like to be alone they normally go to their homes and spend time in the comfort of their bedrooms. Sometimes people like to go on a long drive or even travel to a different city. Being alone gives them an opportunity to reflect upon their problems and think about their future or desires.
  • Why is it sometimes important for people to be alone?
    In today’s world people often get stressed by too many events happening around them. So, in order to relax their minds people prefer solitude. It is important for them because being alone gives them the time to think about the things that really matter to them and they can focus better in their lives.

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