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Cue Card #49: Describe a new skill you want to learn

Describe a new skill you want to learn.

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How would you learn it
  • Where you can learn it
  • and explain why you want to learn it.

Model Answer:

  • I want to learn many skills, such as cooking skills, foreign language skills, driving skills and so on
  • Here, I would like to talk about cooking skills.
  • I know routine cooking; I can make chapati, dal and green vegetables, but I would like to learn Chinese cooking and baking.
  • I would also like to learn how to make Italian pasta and pizza
  • I would learn it from the Internet, from the YouTube videos.
  • I can learn it sitting at my home
  • My friend has learnt many dishes from the net
  • She has tried many dishes, and they turned out yummy
  • I would like to learn these international dishes because I love these dishes, but it is very expensive to eat outside all the time
  • Moreover, I am planning to go abroad for my higher education, and there I will have to cook for myself.
  • When I make these dishes at home, I can change some ingredients according to my taste.
  • For example, when I make Pizza at home I can add a lot of jalapeños, because I just love jalapenos. (pronounced as Halapenos)
  • I don’t like olives, so I can omit the olives.
  • Moreover, at home you can add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Sauces can also be added according to ones liking.
  • So this is the new skill, which I want to learn.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

  1. What age will make it difficult for a person to learn a skill?
    I believe that age is not a factor. Willingness to learn can make a person of any age learn anything. Recently, I taught my grandpa how to use a computer and made his facebook ID. Now he and his computer are inseparable. He is very active on the facebook.
  2. Will the age of 5 or 20 be better?
    It depends on the skill. If the skill is stitching clothes, then 20 is better. If the skill is related to technology, the 5 is as good as 20.
  3. Who will you learn a skill from, friends, teachers or parents?
    I will learn from anyone who is willing to teach me patiently. I can also learn from the Youtube videos on the net.
  4. What’s the difference between children learning what they like and learning what they have to learn?
    Children learn very quickly if they like what they are learning. But if they are forced to learn, they do not learn it well, as it is a half-hearted approach.
  5. Do you think boys and girls should learn the same skills?
    Yes, I think boys and girls should learn the same skills. There are no gender differences nowadays. Everybody should be free to choose what they want to learn.
  6. Why do boys tend to have better critical thinking skills?
    I don’t think there is any difference in the critical thinking skills of both genders. There maybe individual variations but definitely not gender variations.
  7. Why do girls like shopping?
    I think everyone likes shopping nowadays. Today, we belong to a consumerist society and both genders like to go shopping.
  8. Do you like to learn new skills constantly?
    Yes, I like to learn new skills constantly. I feel very happy when I learn something new. It gives me a sense of fulfillment and inner joy which I cannot explain in words.
  9. What’s the most difficult thing for learning?
    Difficulty is a very subjective thing. What maybe easy for one person may be difficult for the others. So it is very difficult to say what is the most difficult thing for learning
  10. What kinds of skills are practical for university students to learn?
    University students should learn communication skills, as all other skills go waste if the person lacks in communication skills. Students should also learn practical skills because only theory can never be enough.
  11. What kinds of communication skills are important?
    All types of communication skills that important.
  12. Should old people read books?
    Yes, old people should read books. Books are the best companions.
  13. What’s the most important skill a person needs to have?
    The most important skin a person needs to have is communication skills. Without this skill, all other skills are useless. Language skills are also important. Academic skills are also important.
  14. What is the most important practical skill in modern society?
    The most important practical skill in the modern society is being able to read and write the more skilled you are in reading as well as writing, you can gain more knowledge about the happenings around you.
  15. Which one is more important, cooking or driving a car?
    Well driving is important but cooking is more important as you can survive without driving but you cannot survive without eating
  16. What kind of job require practical skills?
    All jobs require practical skills to some extent of the other. A Medical practitioner has to be skilled in the diagnose of a disease, a mason has to be skilled and laying bricks.
  17. What kind of professions require practical skills?
    Professional that are making some artistic object need more practical skills. A guide or teacher needs very good communication skills. I think no professional can escape from learning the skill that is mandatory to his profession.
  18. What kinds of skills are difficult to learn?
    Skills that need precision are more difficult to learn like cutting a diamond or even a dentist has to be very skilled to the minutest of details.

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