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Describe a book which you enjoyed reading

Describe a book which you enjoyed reading

You should say:

  • What the title is
  • What it is about
  • Why you read it 
    and explain what effect the book had on you.

Sample Answer

I am an ardent reader and have read a significant number of books so far. I believe one gets to know and learn about a lot of things as meaningful and priceless insights are imparted through a well-written book. Talking about the book, which, apart from being an enriched source of knowledge, became my go-to partner, is the book named ‘Laws of the Spirit World’. I never thought of reading this book. However, while surfing the internet for some spiritual content, I came across this prodigious book as I have a propensity for spirituality.

I have always been spiritually inclined and philosophy and the way of living have been one of my favourite subjects. This book took that zeal and exuberance towards the art of living to an altogether higher level. It talks about the essence of living and that all of our actions are watched over. Humans are their own guides and they do not have to look for somebody else to guide or direct them if they pay attention to what their conscience and subconscious mind say.

I read this book as I found the reviews and ratings on a positive note. It is a critically-acclaimed book and I believe all those rave reviews and amazing ratings its readers gave were all worth it. At any time, whether good or bad, this book comes to the fore and boosts you up and revitalises your esteem.

At times, one might feel dejected or might go astray from a good path in life. In such a scenario, this book works as a leash to bring one to the optimistic trajectory again by blowing wisdom and enlightenment into one’s soul. Hence, as many times I read the book, I never feel as though I have already read it quite a lot of times.

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