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Describe a country you would like to visit (Part 2/3)

Describe a country you would like to visit – IELTS Speaking topic appears often in the real IELTS test.

Describe a country you would like to visit.

You should say:

  • which country it is
  • what you already know about this country
  • when you want to visit this country

and explain why you want to visit this country.

Take-note in 1 minute
What the country is: JapanThe reason why you choose Japan: I’m a big fan of anime, every scenery in movies is limitless inspiration that sparks the desire to visit this country.
When will I go there?: Next year, between mid-March and May. When will I go there?: Next year, between mid-March and May.Who will you go with? Why?: With some of my friends because:
+ They all want to go
+ The more the merrier
+ Effective way to minimize the expenditure.
What will you do there?
+ Try the traditional costume – the Kimono and take photos. 
+ Go to Akihabara to see and buy anime collectibles.
+ Take part in the “hanami” party and enjoy delicious food and drink with friends.

Sample Answer

I’m gonna talk about the country I love to visit, which is Japan. I have been a big fan of anime and started watching this kind of movie when I was a student in high school. I was impressed by the scenery that appears in those movies. They are the limitless inspiration that sparks the want to visit this country in me.

I intend to embark on the journey between mid-March and May next year. I have heard that this is an ideal time for people to see cherry blossoms. I am not going there alone but with some of my friends, because we all think Japan is a fascinating destination. Plus, the more the merrier, and I think if we go together, we can minimize the spending.

I am completing my bucket list, including everything I would do once we set foot in Japan. First, I would try the traditional costume of Japan – the Kimono and take some photos. I am curious about how I look in that dress.

Then, Akihabara, which has emerged as the center of Japanese anime culture, might be the next place. I would see and buy anime collectibles. Last but not least, I would take part in the hanami party, which is the annual flower watching celebration of Sakura. I would enjoy delicious food and drink under the pink trees with my friend. I can’t predict the future, but I believe this upcoming overseas trip would be a holiday of a lifetime for me.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Foreign country

1. Why do Vietnamese people like to travel abroad?

From my perspective, Vietnamese people are fond of oversea travel due to some reasons. First, they want to broaden their horizons and gain a deeper insight into other cultures. Second, perhaps, people just need a new place to relax, traveling to a far-off destination can truly give them a pause from ordinary life and help them focus more on themselves.

2. How do people benefit from international travel?

People can take numerous advantages of foreign travel. I believe that being in a different country would be one of the greatest ways to get out of the hustle and bustle of their daily life. Moreover, it is likely that they would have the opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded people. This is actually a golden chance for them to widen their social circles.

3. Would you travel around the world in the future? Why or why not?

I would say no. Although I have itchy feet and a dream of travelling around the world, it seems unaffordable for me. I don’t think my nine-to-five job with a primary source of income would enable me to make any overseas journey. Perhaps, it would be more reasonable for me to visit some destinations in Viet Nam.

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