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Describe a friend you lost contact with and started contacting again

Describe a friend you lost contact with and started contacting again

You should say:

  • Who this friend is
  • When and Where you met
  • What you talked about
  • And explain your feelings about the meeting

Sample Answer

So now I’m gonna tell you about Thalia, a friend of mine with whom I often hang out recently. Actually, she is a Vietnamese, but I usually call her by English name because she told me she really loved that name.

Thalia is now in her early twenties. We’ve been friends for donkey’s years, and I vaguely remember that I got to know her in secondary school when we both were in grade 9. I would say she is a gorgeous and super talented girl. She started working as a designer in a wellknown advertising company just about a couple of months ago. Before that, probably in 2012, she migrated to Ireland, settled down and finished her tertiary education there. That’s also the reason why we lost touch with each other in almost 7 years.

Well, back then, we got on really well with each other since we had a lot in common. We hardly ever fell out, and we saw eyes to eyes in almost every situation. I just enjoyed her company very much until she told me that she decided to study overseas in a European country halfway across the world from Vietnam. I was really sad about that. After she had arrived in Ireland, we did try to keep in touch by sending text messages and calling videos, but due to her hectic studying schedule, we both eventually stopped contacting each other.

3 months ago, I bumped into her while going shopping in a mall. I recognized her instantly because of a small tattoo on her neck. It’s so unique. Needless to say, I was so surprised and excitedly gave her a warm hug. At that time, she nearly burst into tears. We spent the whole afternoon talking and catching up on what we’d been up to until then. She shared a lot about her student life abroad, about her new boyfriend and she just kept saying sorry for not contacting me. Well, of course I didn’t get angry about that. Now she is there and we are still friends. Currently, we often hang out on the weekends. That’s enough for us to keep our long-lasting friendship.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

  1. Why do people lose contact with their friends after graduation?

Actually, there are many reasons for that. After graduating, each person will probably make a different decision about where they’re going to work and settle down. Some choose to move to another city or even another country where they can find good job opportunities, and some may study overseas while the others will come back to their hometown. Then they just bury themselves in work, study, family and eventually lose touch with each other.

  1. Do people in your country tend to make new friends?

Yes, of course. I suppose that almost everyone has to form new relationships, even an introvert. During different periods of life, anyone will definitely meet new people and get to know each other. Especially in Vietnam, people are so friendly and hospitable that they always warmly welcome new people to become their friends.

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