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Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend

The following article will suggest a sample essay for the topic “Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend” along with frequently asked questions and instructions on how to answer this topic more clearly and coherently.

Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend

You should say: 

  • When it happened 
  • What gift it was 
  • Who you gave it to 

And explain why you chose that gift

Sample Answer

I visited Seoul for seven days during winter last year with my mother and brother. Although we tried a lot of delicious food and saw a lot of beautiful scenery, I was looking forward to the Namsan trip the most in order to accomplish a mission.

Namsan tower is famous for the ‘tree of love”, a designated area around the base of the tower where couples can publicly declare their eternal love for each other by placing a love lock. My girlfriend, who is a hopeless romantic and a huge K-drama fan, wanted to get a lovelock as a souvenir from the place. I was at a loss for words when I saw thousands of lovelocks of different shapes and sizes, scattered around the “Tree of love”. The place looked exactly like the movies we had watched together at home so I immediately took out my phone to video call my girlfriend to show her. Before leaving, I got her a pink lock, with a heart in between, which I was sure she’d love.

She believed a lovelock from Namsan tower would help our relationship to last longer. She told me that was one of the best gifts she has ever received and she definitely would cherish it. Although I don’t really believe in the magical power of the lovelock, I still got her the lock to please her. 


1. On what occasions do people usually give gifts to others?

People give presents on different special occasions, like anniversaries or birthdays, in order to show their affection. They usually buy gifts based on the receiver, or give them red packets of lucky money so they can celebrate and buy something themselves. Besides that, people also exchange gifts on special holidays like Christmas or New Year.

2. Do people give gifts or red packets on traditional festivals?

Well, in regards to Tet holiday, people give both gifts and red packets but at different times. Usually before Tet, people will give gifts for the family to prepare for the holiday. And during the festival, people will give red packets of lucky money to wish good luck and health for the receiver.

3. Do you think giving clothes as a gift is a good idea?

Not at all. Some people have a very specific taste in fashion and only wear what they’ve tried on and fits perfectly. There are many problems when choosing clothes as gifts, like getting the wrong size, color or style, so it is best to buy anything but clothes as a gift.

4. Do you think receiving an expensive gift makes people feel happy?

If the gift is what they have been wanting, they will be happy for sure. There are a few exceptions when people react the opposite but most people would be impressed if you splurge a large amount of money on presents for them.

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