Describe a historical place you have been to

Describe a historical place you have been to.

You should say:

  • what kind of place it is
  • what it looks like
  • where it is

and explain how the place is related to history.

Model Answer :

Last month, I went to Egypt and visited the pyramids in Giza. It was a nice experience for me. I have come to know about many important information about the place and its history. Thank you for the question. It is really a pleasure to share the information with you that I have come to know.

The pyramids, in Egypt, were used mostly to bury the dead body of the Egyptian Pharaohs. So, it could be termed as a burial chamber too in this consideration. But on the other side, this is the place which is mysterious in some other aspects. The construction style is still a wonder for the people. For the speciality, the pyramids have been termed as the wonders of the world in past.

The pyramid of Giza, where I went to pay a visit, is shaped like a large cylindrical shape. The large one is around over 480 meters. And it was the tallest structure for many thousands of years. The solid information of pyramid construction is unknown but it is assumed that the construction took around 20 years. But it is a mystery even today how the structure was made of stones. Multiple theories have been generated by the construction but none of them is accurate and provides the right information. Besides, there are different chambers inside the pyramids where the bodies of the dead pharaohs were kept in the form of the mummy.  

There are various pyramids available around the world. But the largest one is located in Egypt and I visited the place. The largest one is also known the Pyramid of Khufu. This is the oldest one as well. This one is located in El Giza in Egypt. The entire location is like a desert and a pyramid complex is standing high there. The pyramids were covered by some casing stones and still some of the casing stones are available in the adjacent locations. The location of the pyramids is a bit far away from the city and accessible through different types of traditional and modern modes of vehicles. 

The pyramids are related to history for many reasons. First of all, they were the tallest man-made structure on earth. The construction system of the pyramids is also adorable. Millions of blocks have been used to bring the shape and still makes people feel surprised. There were some religious beliefs of the Egyptians and thus they made mummies of the dead bodies. While burying the bodies, they used to provide precious wealth and other necessary things to be used in the afterlife. The mummies and the other necessary things are priceless. They represent the ancient history of the Egyptians. The archaeologists have conducted expeditions to know the details of pyramids for their historical values. Based on all these, the pyramids are undoubtedly related to history.