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Describe a lesson that you remember well

Describe a lesson that you remember well

You should say:

  • What that lesson was about
  • When that lesson was
  • What the teacher taught you 
  • Explain why you remember that lesson well 

Sample Answer

Well, one of the lessons that impressed me a lot during my student life is my first Physics lesson in high school. That lesson was about the speed of movement of objects, which was my favorite part of Physics.

However, as embarrassing as this may sound, I need to admit that when I was a student, my attention usually wandered in class, even in Physics classes in junior secondary school. Although I always had a thirst for knowledge, that thirst often lasted for just half of the lessons. It was so hard for me to focus on the lessons if the teaching method of the teacher wasn’t unique, innovative, and attractive enough. But my first Physics lesson met all of those demands, let me tell you. 

That morning, my teacher entered my classroom and immediately offered an incredibly difficult Physics exercise. He told us that because my class was a Math-gifted class with many straight A students, he wanted to challenge us a little bit. But it was a tougher challenge than any of us could have imagined because we spent most of the time of the lesson finding the solution to that exercise. My classmates took turns raising their hands to show the answer, but none of them was correct. 

The boring and quiet atmosphere went right down to the wire, and when everybody thought nobody could solve the riddle, I stood up and told the teacher my answer, which was the only correct answer in the class. Then, you know, I achieved a full mark for that answer to the surprise of everyone. 

After that lesson, I felt like I had a proven ability to study Physics because, as I told you before, I studied in a Math-gifted class where classmates were quick learners in core subjects like Physics. But I was the only one who stood out that day, and this was an unforgettable memory of my whole student life.

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