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Describe a person who is full of energy (Part 2/3)

Describe a person who is full of energy – Speaking sample of the big topic “Describe a person”. This is considered a fairly easy topic, and candidates can handle it quickly and easily in the real test.
In addition, refer to how to get ideas, how to take-note in 1 minute of the Describe a person who is full of energy sample to study effectively at home and confidently face the examiner in the real exam room!

Describe a person who is full of energy.

You should say: 

  • Who he or she is 
  • What he or she does
  • Why he or she is full of energy

And explain how you feel about this person.

ContextDescription: Describe a person who is full of energy
– DaniSame
– book club + university
– Appearance: slender, long wavy hair, elegant facial features
– At first: seemed aloof and placid
– Getting to know her: cheerful, easily bounce back, lively in conversations
Thoughts + Feelings
– Inspire me to live life to the fullest
– Never tires me out since she’s considerate and respectful

Sample Answer

Looking back at my network, I realize that I am usually attracted to people with strong, dominant energy, so to choose just one person to talk about is quite hard. However, today I would like to tell you about Dani, who is, by no means an exaggerationan absolute ray of sunshine in my life. 

I got to know Dani because we attended the same book club in university. From my vague memory of passing through her in the halls, Dani was never a hair out of place, with a slender figure and long wavy hair hugging her sharp yet elegant facial features. This image, as well as the placid and collected way she carried herself in the first few meetings of the book club, instilled a sense of distance in everyone, including me.

But after some time talking with her, I realized that she was just a sharp-witted and friendly girl who unfortunately easily got shy. Once she felt more comfortable with you, however, the supposed wallflower Dani became such an energetic friend who was people’s dream cheerleader. By herself, she was adorably excitable about life’s smallest beauty and fortune and seemed to bounce back from sadness and disappointment much faster compared to anyone I know.

While interacting with people, she remained lively and happily provide either emotional support or practical advice to whoever needs it. In her lay such a positive energy that was never overwhelming

Despite having graduated, Dani is still one of my dearest friends until now. The enthusiasm and dedication that Dani embraces in whichever project or task she is involved in encourages me to live life to the fullest. Surprisingly, her energy never tires me, thanks to how considerate and respectful she has always been. All in all, she is a lovely friend and an inspiring individual that I am grateful to know.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Energy

1. What kind of jobs require much energy?

All jobs are energy-draining to me, honestly. Well, to be more specific, I think that there are two main types of jobs out there. One group is more physically demanding, which include occupations that are arduous such as miners, construction workers, truck drivers, etc. The other one comprises jobs that are mentally challenging and may require high levels of concentration and mental effort, like doctors, lawyers, or university lecturers.  

2. Do you think manual work will all be done by machines in the future? 

That is not for me to decide, isn’t it? It depends more on the pace of technological advancement. To make a guess, I assume scientists will place even more emphasis on freeing people off the manual tasks, not just at work but also at home, so perhaps more machines and robots will be made to assist people doing laborious and potentially risky work. However, will everything be done by machines? I doubt this would become reality in the near or even distant future.  

3. Do you think manual workers will earn more in the future?

Hmmm, for me, it’s both a yes and a no. No because manual jobs usually do not demand any special sets of skills, unlike other more skill and knowledge demanding professions. The majority of workers in this field are, as a result, very easily replaceable and not that hard to recruit, hence why their salary is not likely to be higher than some other occupations such as surgeons or architects.

However, I do think they are going to earn more due to the current trend of economic development. As people’s standards of living improve, so do the average salaries of many professions, and I don’t think manual work is an exception. 


Another Sample: Describe a person who is full of energy

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