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Describe a person who taught you something important (Detail)

Describe a person who taught you something important

  • Who the person is?
  • What he/she is like?
  • What he/she taught you?
  • How you felt about him/ her?


? ????????????: Today I’m going to talk about my father who taught me how to drive a car.


Age: Well, my father is 55 years old ,but he will turn 56 next month.

Job: He is an English teacher and has over 20 years’ teaching experience.

Characteristics: I have to say that he’s a very knowledgeable person. He traveled a lot during his younger years. I know he has encountered various problems so he has lots of valuable experience and life lessons to pass on to his children and grandchildren.

? ???? ?????

??????????: Well, I’d always wanted to learn how to drive but my father insisted that I should finish my schooling first. So a week after my exams we made a plan for learning driving.We decided to get up early in the morning and set out to a huge ground located in the outskirts of the town. It was safe to practice there in the morning.

???????: It was fun to learn driving. How to say, I felt on top of the world (happy) when every morning I sat on the driving seat next to my father. He never scolded me and always encouraged me with a positive attitude . He is the most patient person I’ve ever come across and even when I bumped into a tree he continued to motivate me and turned my fears into cheers!

??????: At the end of a month’s training, I slowly started driving on the road. Eventually, I became an expert and was able to drive in heavy traffic as well. This training not only made my life easier and independent but also gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my father.

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