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Describe a rule that you don’t like (Part 2/3)

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a rule that you don’t like

You should say:
– What it is?
– Why don’t you like it?
– How do others feel about the rule?
– And explain whether you’ve followed the rule?

Sample Answer:

Today I would like to tell you about a recent regulation that upsets me.

It is the newly applied regulation for young people to get married before 30 years old. This means young people who are still single after the age of 30 will face some difficulties in processing paperwork at governmental offices if they need to renew their ID, their passport or even worse: they will have to pay higher income tax for themselves annually.

Well, it is certainly a ridiculous thing that our “big bosses” ever think of because marriage is obviously a personal choice that must be built on the foundation of love and affection. Without love, marriage is no more than a business trade in which the two partners cooperate to produce a baby and financially depend on each other. That’s the dumbest situation ever.

When I asked everybody around me like my friends and parents, they also agreed that this rule is bizarre and unacceptable. Most of my friends are above 30 and they are still single but happy. My parents also got married when they were 35 but we haven’t had any serious family issues so far.

However, after carrying out some research on the internet, I realized the government wanted to enforce this law because for the past two decades, Vietnam has seen a slow population growth rate and people are getting older and have fewer children while the economy is still growing and needs more young workers. This is somehow true because I could also see that since the 1990s, couples like my parents decided to have only two children because the financial demand to bring up a child is increasingly a burden. Besides, the more developed the economy is, the less people desire to share their time and money for another person.

Anyway, though I understand the government’s motivation to issue this law, I still don’t think it will be applicable well for all the citizens like us because we are for sure to pursue happiness at the end of the day, not a baby. So I will never abide by this law.

That is all I would like to say. Thanks for your listening.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

What are the rules students should follow at school?

If my memory serves me right, I recall that when I was in school, the rules that the school used to impose on me were to be on time, to have a decent hairstyle with only black color, and to wear uniform at all times. When I think about those days. I still feel freaked out, wondering how I could survive such a harsh and hostile place.

Are the rules at school good or bad?

Yes, those rules are awful for those who have strong personalities. Besides, they also kill an individual’s unique color and make it hard for them to develop their own strengths and competitive advantages. For example, because we were taught in school to listen to our teacher (they are the best), debating with our teacher is considered rude and disrespectful. Consequently, students in this case grow up flattering others to advance in their career without knowing their true capabilities.

Do people often violate the rules in Viet Nam?

Oh honestly speaking, yes, we violate the petty rules quite usually because some of the rules are just nonsense and thoughtless. For example, a couple of years ago, there was a campaign of reclaiming the pavements for pedestrians from the street vendors because the pavements are for walking people who need to be empty. The campaign was controversial as besides clearing the pavement, it also took away the livelihood of poor people in the working class who had no choice but to earn their living on the street. I think if the lawmakers had had a sensitive heart to feel, they would have offered the street vendors some alternatives to make ends meet so that they wouldn’t occupy the pavements like that.

What rules should children follow at home?

As we are still heavily influenced by Confucianism in Vietnam, at home children must listen and respect the elders by obeying whatever they say without discussing. This had led to some serious consequences like domestic violence, depression among children and emotional inhibition. Recently the netizens have been enraged by a story of a little girl who was violated to death by her stepmother but the neighbors around the house did not do anything to help because they thought it was just a mother teaching her daughter. I hope this heartbreaking story will never happen again in our society.

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