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Describe a street market in your city

Describe a street market in your city

You should say:

  • Where it is?
  • What can you buy there?
  • What is it famous for?
  • and explain how you feel when you visit there.

Model Answer :

Well, I consider myself a frequent traveler, but due to COVID these days I’m unable to travel. I’d like to talk about a street market when I visited Malaysia a few years before. It was in December 2018, my friend and I had visited there. Before going there I heard that in Malaysia there are only shopping malls and very rare street markets. However, it wasn’t correct, I found a few street markets there, and the biggest was a China Town street as it named after Chinese dwellers.

We can find there almost all kinds of shops, from food, jewelry, handicrafts, and many more. I tried the Nasi Lemak street food there, it was really delicious and I loved it so much that all my dinner used to be there only. As it is considered as little China, there are a variety of Chinese products available and at a very reasonable price. In fact, I bought some colorful lights from there. You can also see plenty of mobile shops there.

It is mainly renowned for its quality products. Although people say Chinese products are useless, local people there frequently buy from there and it is believed that those products are long-lasting, provided used properly. Another famous shops are kids’ toys, I can bet, you will never find the toys variety anywhere they have.

I feel there like once I entered that street in the morning, I will not realize when it will become night. It is very easy to lose in finding and looking at the things there. If I had a chance again to visit Malaysia, I will sure visit China Town street again.

Model Answer 2:

A street market in your city / A street market where you did shopping

  • Where is it
  • What can you buy there
  • How you felt about it

In this fast-paced world where more and more people are turning to online shopping, open-air markets seem to have lost their popularity. But, I come from a town in which such markets are still quite popular. Today, I am going to talk about a well-known bazaar that I loved visiting.

It is called Sunday Market. Every weekend local shopkeepers set up their stalls in a huge ground that covers an area of about 4 square kilometers, making it one of the biggest open-air markets in my state, Punjab. This place has a lot to offer to shoppers. The main items sold in the market include traditional seasonal clothes, shoes, utensils, bed sheets, duvets and blankets etc. Some stalls sell fresh fruits, pulses, spices, herbs and vegetables as well.

I visited this market last year. I felt that it was a great place to shop at. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming there. Not only the products were of high quality but their prices were very reasonable too. There was plenty of space for people to walk and shop. This matters a lot in my country because some markets can be overcrowded at times, making it almost impossible to move.

Normally, buyers in open-air markets don’t have the privilege to return any purchased items, but to my surprise, shopkeepers were encouraging people to buy what they wanted and return it later if there was a problem. The best thing about this market was that the facilities such as toilets and car-parking were well-maintained. All in all, this market had everything which customers require.


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