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Describe a style or kind of music

The topic “music” is a popular topic in IELTS Speaking with a large and varied number of questions.

Describe a style or kind of music

You should say:

  • What kind of music you like best
  • When and where you first listen to this type of music
  • What is special about this kind of music and Why you like it

Sample Answer

When it comes to music, every individual has their own tastes depending on their emotions or experience. The music genre that I am into at the moment is country music.

I remember I heard it the first time when I was in secondary school. I was listening to one of Taylor’s songs when I realized that “OMG! This lyric is so meaningful and how great the melody is”. Then I was appealing and I started finding more information about it. 

Country music often relates to folk harmonies and string instruments such as guitar and bass. It can touch the heart of listeners as it will tell a story about a familiar topic like love. 

Possessing a way of playing into culture, feelings, and emotions also makes this genre unique to the other types of music.

I love this genre because I can relate my experience to the story that is told behind every song. Another reason is that its varieties enable me to enjoy it no matter if I am sad or happy. If I am delighted, listening to country music brings me a peaceful and relaxing vibe. In contrast, if I am upset, country songs may heal you in some ways that I cannot explain by words. 

To conclude I have a passion for country music because I feel a connection with the lyrics of the songs.

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