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Describe a teacher (Part 2/3)

Describe a Teacher – IELTS Speaking Part 2 is quite easy for candidates on the topic Describe a people. Below is a sample Part 2 lesson + sample answers for Part 3 of the Describe a Teacher. Refer now to practice Speaking test at home effectively.

1. Take-note

What this teacher looks likeCame across as a tough personAlways kept a straight faceWay older than us
What sort of person this teacher is
What this teacher helped you to learn 
Explain why  this teacher is your favorite
– A teacher with an out-of-the-box teaching approach  
+ classes were always full of intriguing activities  
+ helped students have a comprehensive understanding of the lessons and brush up on skills
– A teacher with a kind heart understand students’ mental transformations  
+ willing to listen to students and give advice 
– More of an inspirer to me.

Sample Answer

Well, I have to say that I am quite fortunate to have been taught under the guidance of various wonderful teachers. However, if I am to pick only one of them, who I really look up to as a role model, it will have to be Ms. Dung, my teacher of English back when I was a secondary student.

Ms. Dung started teaching us when we entered grade 6. To be honest, I was a little preoccupied when I met her for the first time. She always kept a straight face and really came across as a tough person. She was also way older than us, which even made me think that sooner or later, there would be a generation gap, and that she would not fully understand us. However, the way she taught and treated us changed my mind, one hundred percent. 

She definitely grew on me as time went by. She possessed an out-of-the-box teaching approach. Unlike conventional classes where students stick to their seats for hours just to take in theoretical knowledge, hers were always full of intriguing activities, for example, group discussions, debates and sometimes, singing sessions to help us have a more comprehensive understanding of the lessons.

Not only did we have the opportunity to improve our grammatical skills, but we managed to brush up on our soft skills as well, such as critical thinking, and communication to name but a few.

What makes me, and my peers adore her, even more, is that she is a teacher with a kind heart. You know, teenage years may be a phase filled with unstable feelings and rebellious attitudes, and ours were no exception. Witnessing all of our mental transformations, she realized that those were part of our personal growth. Whenever we had struggles, she would kindly listen to us and give us advice.

All in all, Ms. Dung has had a tremendous influence on my education. She’s more of an inspirer to me, who taught me a bunch of lessons both in and out of the classroom, helping me to become a better version of myself. Such a blessing that I was one of her students.

 IELTS Speaking Part 3: Teacher


1. What role should the teacher have in a classroom?

First and foremost, teachers should assume the responsibility of educating their students. Specifically, he or she must be the one to prepare and execute lesson plans, impart knowledge to the students, and make sure that they can have a grasp of what is taught. Moreover, it is imperative for the teacher to play the role of a companion, a mentor, or even an inspirer, who can be students’ support systems, willing to teach them a bunch of things out of the classroom, give them instructions and encouragement to always move forward.

2. Do you think computers will one day replace teachers in the classroom?

It is undeniable that computers have done students a huge favor by facilitating the experience in the classroom. However, it cannot replace teachers. A teacher is more than just a tool for providing knowledge. He or she can even be a mentor, or inspiration for students, giving them the answer to inexplicable problems on the Internet and precious advice.

Moreover, it is notable that there are a variety of human skills that can never be taught by technology, for example, communication and time management. Therefore, the role of teachers is still and will always be of great importance in the class.

3. How can a teacher make lessons for children more interesting?

In order to zhuzh up the lessons, instead of forcing students to stick to their seats for hours, it is better to integrate technology and allow room for student engagement with hands-on activities. To begin with, the teacher can make use of the applications available on their devices to create intellectual games for students to play and connect to a classroom in another region via videoconferencing.

Additionally, by organizing interactive activities for students, such as group discussions or debates, the teacher can make sure that they have the chance to acquire and apply knowledge to real situations, and simultaneously, brush up on their personal skills, such as communication.

Zhuzh up (phrase) makes something more interesting

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