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Describe a time you visited a new place

Describe a time you visited a new place

You should say:

– Where the new place is?
– When you went there?
– Why you went there?
– And explain how you feel about the place?

Sample Answer

I have visited many places. Some are famous for their history and culture, while others are famous for their fascinating architecture. Today I would like to talk about the time I visited the Louvre museum in Paris, France. 

I went to Paris in 2018 with three other friends when we were studying abroad in Europe, and as the world’s best and largest art museum, it was only natural to visit it to experience and see the finest artworks. Located on the right bank of the river Seine in the heart of Paris, it is the perfect example of French Baroque architecture. Best known as the home to the Mona Lisa, the museum has the most impressive art collection in the world. From paintings from centuries ago to the newest artworks from today’s admirable artists, you can find all forms and styles of art in the Louvre Museum.

It was a windy morning the day we stood in line to see this fabulous museum we had all heard so much of. Even though we were there before the opening hour, I think we still must have stood an hour waiting to get in. We knew that it was fairly impossible to see everything, still we tried to see as much as we could of it. At the entrance, we all got a map, and we circled everything we managed to see.

The artwork on the walls and the statues in almost every room was just overwhelming. We did want to see the Mona Lisa but when we finally located it and realized that we had to climb 3 very long staircases, we had to break off that search. It is a magnificent museum, at least the parts that we viewed were and it is huge. You have to go outside and walk around the periphery of this great building just to realize its size and number of floors. The precision of the masons who worked on this building was superb.

If I ever get to the Louvre again, I’ll be sure not to run through everything, but rather choose what I’m most interested in and try to see the chosen ones up-close.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

How do children react when they are in a new place?

It depends on the kid, but the older they get, the harder the transition. I think children who are over 5 years old begin to develop their social skills and personality, and they start to create friend circles and create strong bonds. Therefore, relocation to an unknown city where they don’t have friends will be hard for the little guys.

Why do students study in a new place, a different city or even in another country?

One of the biggest advantages of studying in a new place for many students is the chance to become immersed in a totally different environment. This enriching experience will enable them to see and do things they wouldn’t expect, and become truly independent from their parents and family. I believe there are unique challenges that come with going to a new place to study, but that’s all part of the fun and the experience.

Is it necessary to have a plan before going to a new place?

Absolutely. No matter the specific circumstances of a particular relocation scenario, moving is always hard. It’s a difficult, expensive, overwhelming, and stressful endeavor. Yet, if we have a good relocation strategy and plenty of time to plan your relocation tactics, our move may turn out quite smooth and successful.

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