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Describe an advertisement that you saw or heard or liked

You should say:

  1. Where you saw or heard it
  2.  What kind of advertisement it was
  3.  What the content of the advertisement was (or, what product /service wasadvertised)

And explain how you felt about this advertisement/ why you liked it.

Band 8 Sample

I would like to tell you about my all-time favorite advert for the paint product – Dulux Easy Clean. It was many years ago when I watched this advert for the first time in the commercial break on TV and I have been in love with it ever since.

The advert starts with many children messing the walls of their house with color, mud and powder and enjoying their world of fun and creation. Then the drama begins when their mom comes back home after a hard day at work. When just as she enters the front door, she comes to realize that her baby son is having fun with his crayons and doodling on the newly-painted wall. Unlike what viewers might guess what happens, the mom looks at her son, who is acting completely innocently, and gives him a big smile. Because the walls are painted with Dulux Easy Clean, all types of dirt can be removed very easily. The advert then ends with a slogan that could be interpreted in two ways; with Dulux Easy Clean, forgiveness is easy, or, with Dulux Easy Clean, erasing stains is no problem.

I am so fascinated by this ad for a number of reasons. First, it featured children acting typically – playful, mischievous and innocent, which I find super cute. In fact, I can’t take my eyes off the TV screen whenever this advert comes on, with the appearance of these little angels. Also, the song played in the advert was “I’m sorry” that amazingly matched the content and the acting of the kids. On top of that, it is the catchy slogan that left viewers with the deepest impression and I believe the marketing team was successful in bringing brand awareness to their potential customers.

Thank you for listening


Vocabulary highlights:

  •  Commercial break: an interruption in a radio or television program for the broadcasting of advertisements
  •  Doodle: a line, shape, etc. that you have drawn when you are bored or thinking about something else
  •  Stain: a dirty mark on something, that is difficult to remove
  •  Mischievous: enjoying playing tricks and annoying people
  •  Brand awareness: the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

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