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Describe an interesting person you know (Part 2/3)

Part 2: Describe an interesting person you know

You should say:

  • What sort of person this is
  • Where you first met him/her
  • Why you met him/her
  • and explain why you think this person is interesting.

Sample Answer

So today I would like to tell you about a man who I really admire.

His name is Patrick, a French man living in Bordeaux, where I used to live during my time in France for a postgraduate course. He lives in a four-generation-old villa in Salleboeuf, the suburb of Bordeaux metropolis.

I first met him in a night bar in the city center. I was there alone, chilling with a beer in hand when Patrick came over and said “Bonsoir mon cher”. That’s how French people break the ice. I was a bit surprised but quickly I regained my composure and replied to him cautiously. A few moments later, my mind slowly got more relaxed as my intuition told me he was a good guy. A couple of days later I had a chance to stay overnight in his villa where he lives with his husband, Geralt. They were both so gentle and hospitable that I quickly felt like being home whenever I visited them. At first, I was scared if they would harm me for whatever reason but later I found that I was wrong as things turned out to be the opposite. These two men are the best friends I ever made in France.

Talking about the reasons why I greatly admire Patrick, I would say firstly he is as courteous and romantic as a typical French gentleman. Besides, he is also a tactful man with incredible culinary skills. Whenever I stayed over, I had a chance to taste his made-from-heart dishes which are now unforgettable to me. Last but not least, he is a man of emotions. On my last day, he and Geralt woke up really early and sent me to the airport in their car. It was such a heartbreaking moment when we gave each other the last hugs in tears and he said he and Geralt would try their best to fly over to Vietnam for a trip to see me.

That is all I would like to tell you about. You know whenever I talk about Patrick, I always feel warm and happy in my heart. Hopefully, we will meet again soon.

Sample answer Part 3

3.1. What benefits of knowing a foreign person?

When being friends with a foreigner, we have a great chance to practice our language skills with them. In fact, as they do not know our mother tongue, we are placed in a situation where we must use the language that we both understand and that’s how we improve our language speaking flexibility. For that reason, I have got loads of friends from all corners of the world.

3.2. What are the required skills of a multinational company’s employees?

To be accepted in an international organization, there are certain skills required, but the most important ones to me are these following competencies:

First and foremost, it’s the language skills. To be precise, it’s usually English at top priority before any secondary languages as English has proved its influence all over the world to be the common language in work and cooperation.

Second, we should consider teamwork skills because for a big firm, moving forwards is like driving a giant ship in which each individual is a paddle that pushes the ship to advance. Without good teamwork spirits, the company would sooner or later collapse.

Last but not least, regarding individual aspects, each employee should learn logical thinking skills and avoid using emotions when seeking solutions to any work-related problems. When facing obstacles, individuals should start asking themselves constructive questions to know the issues deeply so that solutions can step by step reveal itself in their mind without any emotional interference.

3.3. Is it difficult to work at a multinational company?

Yes, of course, because in such a company we have to inevitably deal with colleagues from many cultural backgrounds, which means they also present behavioral differences according to the country they are from. This is a skill that, unfortunately, is not taught in our school but we have to learn as a hard lesson. But anyway, I think once we are used to such a multicultural workplace, our work will be processed even more smoothly than usual.

3.4. Is it important to know about a country before you go there?

Yes, I believe this is good advice for anyone thinking of moving to another country either to settle down or travel. Having sufficient information about a country will help to avoid cultural shocks or offending the locals unintentionally as well as to reduce the risk of losing money or coping up with some petty crimes like pickpockets, snatchers for travelers.

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