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Describe an interesting public place in your hometown, or where you are living now, that you like to go to

You should say:

  • Where it is
  • How often you go there
  • What you do there
  • And explain why you think it is interesting.

Band 8.5 Model Answer:

Today, Im going to share with you an interesting public place where I really enjoy going to to hang out with my close friends in my spare time, which is a lovely café named X.

It is situated at Y – a small quiet lane near my university in the centre of my hometown. The coffee house is decorated in an old, traditional French style, with a lot of paintings on the wall, and it attracts a lot of foreign customers. As a fulltime student, I have been so caught up in my studies, therefore, I just take a day off to go there on weekends after a long stressful week.

There are many live music events taking place there performed by acoustic guitarists, so I often check them out on the internet and come with my friends. Because this type of music is my kind of thing, I am in my element just humming the tune of the songs and relaxing in a comfy chair to enjoy myself.

The fast food tastes quite savoury and especially the coffee in X is always irresistibly delicious. That might be the reason why it was ranked among the top 5 best coffee shops in 2015. What I really love is how cozy the atmosphere is, something which I have not found in any other coffee shop yet.

Whenever things go wrong, I often go there as a hideaway to escape from all the pressures and order a cup of coffee to relieve my stress. It always works wonders. I find it extremely therapeutic and soothing. Therefore, it’s more than likely that I will still keep coming back to it as my favourite place in the near future.

Vocabulary & Useful Expression

  • hang out: [phrasal verb] spend time in a particular place.
    • Example: I sometimes hang out at the shopping mall on Sundays and meet up with my friends.
  • lane: [noun] a narrow street in a city, with buildings on both sides.
    • Example: The lane behind the museum will take you directly to the train station.
  • decorate: [verb] make something more attractive.
    • Example: Her living room is always decorated with flowers.
  • caught up: [phrasal verb] involved in a concentrated way, so that you forget other things around you.
    • Example: I was so caught up in the film that I forgot to feed the cat.
  • acoustic: [adjective] designed to make natural sound, not sound produced by electrical equipment.
    • Example: Artists who play traditional music usually use acoustic instruments, copying the way in which the music was originally played.
  • in my element: [expression] doing what I enjoy.
    • Example: I am really in my element at parties, because I love dancing and mixing with friends.
  • hum: [verb] sing a tune with your lips closed.
    • Example: He began humming along to the music.
  • comfy: [adjective]
    • Example: This new jacket isn’t as comfy as my old one.
  • irresistibly: [adverb] in a way that is so strong that it cannot be stopped.
    • Example: Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s play were two young lovers who were irresistibly attracted to each other.
  • cozy: [adjective] warm and comfortable and safe, often used to refer to something small.
    • Example: I felt cozy and relaxed sitting by the fire.
  • hideaway: [noun] a place where you can go to be alone.
    • Example: He escapes to his hideaway in the country at weekends.
  • relieve: [verb] remove or reduce an unpleasant feeling or pain.
    • Example: To relieve his feeling of guilt, he decided to tell the truth to the police.
  • work wonders: [expression] have a very good effect on someone or something.
    • Example: If you have a bad cold, a hot lemon drink at night works wonders.
  • therapeutic: [adjective] helping you to relax.
    • Example: I find that yoga is very therapeutic, and I always feel better after my yoga class.
  • soothing: [adjective] that makes someone who is anxious or stressed, feel better.
    • Example: The doctor has such a soothing voice that his patients feel relaxed immediately.

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