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Describe an occasion where you received a good service from a company or shop

You should say: 

  • What the service was. 
  • When and where it happened. 
  • Whom you were with. 
  • How you felt about it. 
  • Explain why you think it was good service. 

Sample band 8+

I am going to talk about how satisfied I was when receiving good service from a music shop a couple of months ago. 

One day, after watching a really motivational concert, I decided to start learning how to play the guitar. As I was walking along one of the main shopping streets in the city centre to look for a music shop, a large window displaying all sorts of musical instruments caught my eye. I decided to go in and have a look around. 

A young good-looking shop assistant appeared and greeted me with a glowing smile. After exchanging pleasantries, I explained to the assistant that I had never played the guitar before in my life and that I wondered what the differences were between the various acoustic guitars on show. He talked to me about the different makes and models, whether they were factory or hand made, the woods and varnishes used, the variation in sound quality and, of course, the price range. Though I was a bit overwhelmed by what he said as a non-musician, I highly appreciated his attitude. 

To tell the truth, it is difficult to find very smart and efficient customer service nowadays. I was quite satisfied with the service the young man provided, he was obviously well-trained, and he was patient enough to fully understand what my problem was and used his professional skills to deal with it. Besides, he was very proficient in acoustic guitar playing, and seemed reliable to me. 

Vocabulary highlights: 

  • motivational: making somebody want to do something 
  • musical instrument: an object used for producing musical sounds 
  • glowing: giving enthusiastic praise 
  • exchange pleasantries: talk to each other politely about unimportant things 
  • make:a product made by a particular company 
  • varnish: a clear sticky liquid used for covering wood or other surfaces 
  • overwhelm:affect someone’s emotions in a very powerful way 
  • reliable:that can be trusted to do something well 


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