Describe an old friend you enjoy talking with


You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you knew him/her
  • What you usually talk aboutAnd explain why you want to talk to this person

Band 8 Sample

I’m going to tell you about Nguyen, one of my university friends. Among all of the people I’ve met, Nguyen is perhaps the most approachable and funny guy. Back in college, we used to hang out a lot until he went abroad for further education.

Nguyen wasn’t my classmate, and we aren’t in the same clubs at university either. I just met him by chance when we were both candidates in a citywide singing contest in our second year. At that time, he was an average guy with a silly smile always on his face, but of course that was not what made me notice him. I actually never did, until we bumped into each other at school a few months later. We talked more after that and became great friends since then.


If there is something special about Nguyen, that has to be his way of speaking. He used to speak in such a charming voice and include a lot of playful jokes, which always cracked me up even when I was in a bad mood. Also, we shared a lot in common, from our passion towards music and all kinds of instruments to our love interests. I was really in awe the first time I found out about his crush on a girl in his class, because if I were a boy, I would definitely be crazy about her.

These things would be enough to explain why we can talk with each other for hours. Sometimes, I even spent the whole day, from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening, to just lie next to him on the floor of a quiet café, and just talk. What really surprises me is that we didn’t start a romantic relationship as people around us expected. After all, I finally found my lover, and so did he. We’re still friends, great friends, but at the moment, we’ve got our own lives and our own relationships. However, he is still, to me, the best person I like to talk to.

Thank you for listening.

Vocabulary highlights

  • approachable: easy to talk with; friendly
  • further education: formal education beyond school other than at a university orpolytechnic
  • citywide: including or occurring in all parts of a city
  • bump into: to meet by chance
  • crack someone up: to make someone laugh
  • be in awe: fearful and respectful of someone or something


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