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Describe one of your neighbours (Part 2/3)

Describe one of your neighbours/ Describe an interesting neighbor.

You should say:

  • Who he/she is
  • How you knew him/her
  • What you do together

And explain why he/she is interesting

Who he/she isgranny Hanhliving opposite the childhood house
How you knew him/hermy parents sent me to her house so that she could look after me
What you do togetherbeing looked after by her, observing what shedid and learning from her
why he/she is interesting living a passionate life even though she was a widowdoing things with fondness and loving kindness

Sample Answer

I’d like to talk about granny Hanh, who used to live opposite my childhood house, where I lived until I reached 12. I called her granny because she was like my grandma. I first got to know her at around the age of 6, when my parents were busy setting up their business, and she looked after me whenever my parents were away.

I loved being around granny and found her intriguing not only because she made me feel at home when I didn’t have my parents around, but also because of the way she lived, which somehow shaped mine as well. She was actually a widow living on her own after her husband passed away and her children had their own families. With that, people might think she must have lived in solitude.

However, she led one of the most passionate lives I’d ever known. It seemed she was always on the go, doing things with fondness and loving kindness. For example, in the morning, she devoted her time to maintaining her garden, which was filled up with dozens of dazzling flowers grown all by herself and could wow any visitor. Her afternoons were usually spent in her small Math class operated for kids in the neighborhood, who were mostly from low-income families.

This class was truly special because I felt that it was not just a place for the kids to come to learn Math, but also where granny Hanh spanned her love and care to them, inspiring them to learn and to thrive despite whatever disadvantages they had at that time. Thus, by being with her, observing what she did and infused in her altruism, I grew up being more open-hearted.

Granny Hanh already passed away a few years ago because of her old age, but she has always been a precious part of my childhood and an influential person in my life.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Neighbour

1. What are the qualities of a good neighbor?

In my own perspective, the first attribute I wish to see in a neighbor is respect. This is because sometimes it is quite easy for people living close to each other to overstep the other’s boundaries, such as digging too deep into their private life that it might violate their privacy. The other factor that makes a pleasant neighbor is friendliness because such people will usually be approachable and willing to help, which is something that can result in a connective community.

2. How can people improve the relationship with neighbors in a community?

Oh, there must be a plethora of ways to strengthen the bond between people living in the same residential area. They can range from small acts like offering help with housework, such as watering plants or looking after the pets while the house’s owner is on vacation, to organising more collective events such as parties as a way for people to get to know each other.

3. Is it beneficial to get along well with neighbors?

Of course it is. This goes without saying because one of the reasons is that they are a good source of help during hardship, especially when someone lives far from their relatives or close families. Just imagine, on some occasion of an emergency when we might have to be hospitalized at midnight, our next-door neighbours would definitely be the first point of contact in such a situation. However, I think it’s also worth bearing in mind that it might be challenging sometimes to be on good terms with everyone. 


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