Home IELTS Speaking Speaking Part 2 Describe something you liked very much which you bought for your home.

Describe something you liked very much which you bought for your home.

You should say:

  • What you bought
  • When and where you bought it
  • Why you chose this particular thing

and explain why you liked it so much.

Sample Answer

Today I’m going to tell you about a bookshelf that I bought for my house.

Last month, there was a huge discount at a furniture store near my house, so I decided to go there and take a look. Coincidentally, at that time, I was also looking for a new bookshelf as the old one had become outmoded. Because all items were on deep discount, I scored a really good deal on a brand new bookshelf.

I particularly love the design of the shelf. It’s a nice blend of both traditional and modern look when the frame is metal and shelves are made of real wood. I really love how the wooden material lends it a very rustic charm but at the same time, the light color of metal makes it look so modern and chic. What’s more, thanks to the metal frame, I don’t have to worry about the woodworms at all. I can see that this bookshelf is incredibly sturdy, unlike others which are prone to breaking. One more great thing is that this new bookshelf really suits well with the overall theme of my house decoration. As I am a bookworm, I found this bookshelf super convenient to satisfy my interest as I could arrange all my books neatly on it and I can find my favorite one in the blink of an eye.

Actually, this is the first item I bought for my house by my own money, so it is somehow really meaningful to me.

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