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Describe your favorite drink 

“Describe your favorite drink” belongs to the topic group “Food & Drink” which is a common topic in Part 2 IELTS Speaking. Here is sample answer speaking part 2 and follow questions part 3.

You should say:

  • What the drinks name is 
  • Where you get it (buy or prepare at home) 
  • Appearance & taste 
  • The types of people who drink this 

And explain why you like this drink 

Sample Answer

A human can only go for 3 days without drinking, which proves that we all consume tons of beverages daily. Speaking of which, my favorite thing to drink would be a Diet Coke, and I believe the majority of residents in the USA feel the same way.

Diet Coke has been my favorite drink for a couple of years. When I’m upset, anxious, or uncertain about something, a cool Diet Coke releases all bad energy. You could say that I am almost dependent on it. Diet Coke cans are always piled high in my refrigerator. I first saw a television advertisement for it five years ago. The message it conveyed left me feeling very inspired. It advised always spreading happiness. I therefore thought it would be appropriate to bring Diet Coke to my house party. Since then, I’ve been a fan of its flavor, especially the chilled variety.

The drink’s flavor is pretty hard to discern. It tastes just a bit different from the Original Coke, contains no sugar, beneficial for my digestive system, and is something new. When combined with vanilla ice cream, it tastes even better. It tastes best when chilled. You could get a good idea of the quality and flavor if you try it for yourself because I am unable to precisely describe how good it feels or tastes. Plus, the looks of the Diet Coke can is extremely satisfying with the shiny silver cover, which also boosts the drinking experience.

I consume it whenever I experience a strong emotion, such as happiness, sadness, love, or anger. In stressful situations, it aids in my relaxation, and when I’m happy, it adds to my happiness. I don’t mind giving some of my cans to other people to see their happiness when enjoying a chilled Diet Coke with friends.

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