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Describe your favorite movie

Topic: Describe your favorite movie

You should say:

  • When and where you saw it;
  • What type of film it was;
  • What the film was about;
  • and explain why it is your favorite film.

Sample Answer :

As a frequent moviegoer, I watch a lot of films. One of the movies that I enjoyed the most recently was The Martian. The movie was based on a novel of the same title by Andy Weir. 

Just like many other sci-fi films, it was about a man traveling in space; however, this time, our main character was stuck on Mars due to a dust storm that nearly killed him. All of the crewmates thought that he was dead, so they went back to Earth without him. But fortunately, he was still alive, thus two and a half hours of the movie told the story of how he fought for his life in the brutal environment of Mars until NASA devised a plan to rescue him. 

My best friend is a big fan of astronomy, so she had read the novel before. That’s why she insisted on me going to see the movie with her. After watching the trailer and reading the plot, I was hooked. It was maybe the best two and a half hours of my week so far. After watching the movie, I was amazed at how ingenious and strong humans can be when it comes to a life and death situation

Mark Watney, the hero of the movie, was a perfect portrayal of a young, humorous, brilliant, and skillful engineer and botanist. Although the hostile environment of Mars threatened his existence many times, he relentlessly refused to quit. Instead, he overcame one problem at a time until he was successfully rescued. The message that I learned from the film is never to give up, however hopeless things seem to be.  


  • A frequent moviegoer
  • To be based on 
  • To fight for someone’s life
  • To devise a plan
  • To insist on
  • To be hooked
  • A life and death situation

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