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1. Oxford Collocations Dictionary – Learn English Vocabulary

The Oxford Collocations Dictionary is a “classic” dictionary used by many scholars to improve their English vocabulary. Unlike regular dictionaries, Oxford Collocations Dictionary fully synthesizes commonly used phrases by native speakers. When using this dictionary, you will know how to use adverbs and adjectives correctly and naturally, helping the article become smoother and more meaningful.

Suitable audiences use dictionaries:

The entire dictionary content is written in English, so in order to fully exploit the knowledge in the book, you need to have an intermediate or higher level, already have a certain vocabulary.
Using collocations in the right context will help you score significantly in the IELTS Writing & Speaking test. With Speaking, you can use informal collocations to add spontaneity and coherence to the answer. With Writing, formal collocations will help you score with highly academic writing.

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Oxford Collocations Dictionary: Download

2. Oxford Picture Dictionary – Common English Vocabulary

Oxford Picture Dictionary is a dictionary “MUST READ” for beginners to the English language in general. The book possesses the most common and basic vocabulary, used for the purpose of communication – reading comprehension. Unlike other dictionaries, Oxford Picture Dictionary illustrates vocabulary by vivid images, stimulating eyesight to make learning words more interesting and easier to remember.

Suitable audiences use dictionaries:

Basic – advanced
The entire contents of the dictionary are compiled in the form of Bilingual (English-Vietnamese) so at any level you can still use the book effectively.

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Oxford Picture Dictionary: Download

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