[Ebook] Cambridge Vocabulary For IELTS Advanced [PDF + Audio]

Among the books from Cambridge, Vocabulary For IELTS Advanced is the most prominent.
If you are familiar with the beginner’s book, today we will continue with the advanced book, Vocabulary For IELTS Advanced.

Name: Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced
➤ Publisher: Cambridge University
➤ Content: Provides 25 lessons with advanced vocabulary.
➤ Books for 6.0 band members who want to upgrade their vocabulary
➤ Status: Full pdf + audio

Book overview:

➤ The book consists of 25 units, of which the first 20 units are on specific topics and are often mentioned in the IELTS exam such as Media, Discovery, Environment, … and the following 5 units are about 4 specific skills. special and a specific vocabulary.

➤ At the end of the book will be Wordlist – List of vocabulary for each lesson so that learners can easily learn vocabulary by Unit.

➤Each Unit will have about 10 exercises in different forms: fill in words, combine words, listen to fill words, singular – plural, quizz, choose the appropriate word to fill in the blanks, True / False / Not given form using thematic vocabulary, etc., to help learners get used to vocabulary forms.

Then there will be the Practice Test section. The Practice Test will be a real test in all 4 skills so that learners can immediately use the words they have just learned in the practice.

➤ After every 5 tests, there will be 1 overall vocabulary test of the 5 lessons you have learned and these words are very useful for IELTS, especially Writing and Speaking skills.

NOTE: The book is a collection of thematic advanced vocabulary, so the vocabulary band of the book falls into band 7 and above.

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