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General Writing Sample Task 1 #38

You are writing your first letter to a pen pal. Describe your previous studies and work experience, your current activities, hobbies and interests.

Tell your pen pal that you will be visiting him/her.

  • You should write at least 150 words.
  • You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Model answer:

Dear Monica,

Hi! My name is Jane Zhang, and I obtained your name and address from Pen Pals International. I am very glad to have this chance to write to you and become pen pals.

Let me first introduce myself. I’m currently working as a computer programmer in a large multi-national company. I graduated from Tsinghua University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science in July 1996. While I enjoy my current job, I’m interested in pursuing a Master’s degree, and hope to begin graduate studies next September. My hobbies include listening to pop music (especially U2), playing the piano and erhu ( a Chinese instrument), and playing tennis. I’m also very interested in travelling, and have visited every province in Chinese at least once.

This summer, I will be travelling with my mother to California. She will be attending a history conference at the University of California-Berkeley, and I have just received permission to go with her. We will stay in California for a total of 2 weeks – from August 2nd to 16th, 1999. If you are free, I would be very happy to meet you in person. Perhaps we could spend a day or two together.

Well, let me finish here. I am already eagerly awaiting your reply to this first letter. Please tell me all about yourself and your interests. I hope that we can become good friends.

Yours truly,


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