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Idea Ultimate: Adoption

Would you ever consider adopting a child/baby?


  1. You could rescue a child. When a good family adopts a child, he/she receives the love and support necessary to have a good childhood. Some adopted children come from an abusive or neglecting background, but get to enjoy peace in a loving family when adopted.
  2. In many cases, adoption could enormously help the biological parents, who in most cases are physically, financially, or emotionally unable to raise the child.
  3. Adoption allows those who cannot have a biological child to experience the completeness and satisfaction that could be felt in raising children.
  4. Many people do not want to go through pregnancy process, which could be very tough.
  5. Those who cannot take the necessary time off from work to have a child can still get to have a child of their own.
  6. Adoption is just as joyful as giving birth.
  7. It is beneficial for the society. Adopted children can often have resources and opportunities that they could not have if they had not been adopted. This could help them be successful individuals and useful members of the society.


  1. Parents cannot get to experience the joy of childbirth.
  2. You cannot control what the birth mom eats, drinks, or does during pregnancy. This is particularly troublesome when you adopt a child whose birth mother was an addict or physically unhealthy.
  3. Adoption can be a long and challenging process.
  4. Some children feel they were to blame for their adoption. As a result, they may have low self-esteem, or experience depression or other emotional problems.
  5. Adoption is still a taboo in many conservative societies and the parents who decide not to adhere to the set societal belief are often criticized.
  6. Some people believe because the child does not have the same genes as them, it will be difficult to bring him/her up!
  7. The biological mother of the child might suddenly appear and claim her child back. This is a common happening wherein the biological mother feels a sudden urge to get back to her child.

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