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Idea Ultimate: Job Hopping

Do you think switching jobs frequently is a good idea?


  1. It will surely help you learn new work skills. It widens your skill set and adds to your knowledge of various fields.
  2. Any job is accompanied with a set routine, which is bound to make you bored sooner or later. Changing your job, thus, serves as a good break and will keep you enthusiastic about life and work.
  3. As you change jobs, you will meet new people, and this will add to your contacts in various industries.
  4. Through working in different fields, you could find the field that is best for you and you are truly interested in.
  5. It is difficult to keep your skills sharp when you deal with the same group of people for an extended period of time.
  6. Working up to higher pay and benefits within a company can take many years, while switching jobs can allow workers to get significant increases in pay, benefits and responsibilities quickly.
  7. Changing jobs lets workers escape dead- end jobs and continue to learn and grow.
  8. In some cases, frequent job changes can indicate great adaptability.


  1. It affects trust and confidence. Very often, employers are wary of hiring employees who have a record of frequent job changes in their résumé. This is because they believe they cannot be trusted in the long run.
  2. It adversely influences your image. Negative qualities like lack of commitment and immaturity are associated with a person who changes their jobs frequently.
  3. Job hoppers generally lack in-depth knowledge. A person gains comprehensive knowledge of a subject only after they work on it for a certain duration of time.
  4. A person with a history of too many job changes often comes across as someone who lacks expertise. People believe they just know a little about many things. Jack of all trades, master of none.
  5. Those who stay with a single company are able to rise in seniority while job hoppers have to compete for a stronger role at each new company they go to.
  6. The longer you stay at a position, the easier it becomes. You learn the ropes and how to “recycle” your knowledge. This means you could have free time to work on personal projects, go back to school or work toward another goal.

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