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Idea Ultimate: Vegetarianism

Should we all become vegetarian?

1. YES

  1. Eating a vegetarian diet could be a good way to treat high blood pressure without medication.
  2. Vegetarians tend to be healthier overall, and even live longer.
  3. If you are trying to lose weight, being a vegetarian can be a good part of your program.
  4. It is unethical to kill innocent animals for food when there are plenty of other options available to give us nutrition.
  5. Things like beans, nuts, and soy can all provide a vegetarian with the protein that they need to function.
  6. Raising livestock requires enormous quantities of water. Being a vegetarian conserves a great deal of water, which is beneficial to the entire planet.
  7. Meat food products are the most expensive forms of food items.
  8. Vegetarian eating usually increases intake of wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruit, beans, legumes and whole grains, which is a great opportunity to get plenty of antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  9. The self-control needed to eat in a vegetarian way can be extended to other situations requiring self-control, commitment and dedication.
  10. Meat industry is a huge producer of waste and pollution.

2. NO

  1. There are some types of vitamins and minerals that can only be obtained through animal meat, such as vitamin B-12, omega-3 and other omega fatty acids, all of which are vital to good health.
  2. Vegetarian diets are not well-balanced.
  3. Eating out as a vegetarian can sometimes be a real challenge as most restaurant menus are geared towards meat eaters.
  4. Meal choices are very limited for vegetarians.
  5. Animals kill in order to feed themselves, and humans are no exception. Eating meat is a natural part of life.
  6. Protein is what gives us the energy that we need to move, breathe, and do just about anything. Trying to find alternatives to protein can be time consuming, expensive, and unappetizing. Meat, however, is readily available, cost effective, and quite tasty.

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