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IELTS Band Scores For UK Universities

International students interested in studying in UK must take the IELTS exam to test their English language proficiency because English is the communication medium in UK universities.

In this article, we will cover the IELTS requirements for UK Universities according to the QS rankings.

IELTS Requirement for Canada

While there isn’t a minimum UK IELTS requirement for immigration, language requirements to enter a top UK University are rather stringent, with both an overall score and per-section prerequisites.

For good universities, it is often a total score of 7.0 and a minimum of 6 per section.

Here are the minimum IELTS requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at UK universities.

QS World University Rankings in 2022

World RankName of Educational InstitutionIELTS Minimum Requirement(Undergraduate)IELTS Minimum Requirement(Postgraduate)
2University of Oxford7.07.0
3University of Cambridge7.07.0
7Imperial College London6.56.5
8University College London6.56.5
16University of Edinburgh6.57.0
27University of Manchester6.06.0
35Kings College London7.07.0
49London School of Economics and Political Science7.07.0
61University of Warwick6.06.5
62University of Bristol6.06.0
73University of Glasgow6.07.0
77University of Southampton6.56.5
82Durham University6.06.5
90University of Birmingham6.06.5
91University of St Andrews7.07.0
92University of Leeds6.06.0
95University of Sheffield6.06.5
103University of Nottingham6.06.0
117Queen Mary University of London6.06.5
132Lancaster University6.06.5
134Newcastle University6.56.5
149University of Exeter6.57.0
151University of York6.56.0
151Cardiff University6.56.5
166University of Bath7.06.5
189University of Liverpool6.56.5
202University of Reading7.06.5
205University of Aberdeen6.06.5

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