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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Book

IELTS Speaking Part 1

Topic : Book

  1. How often do you read books?
    I read books quite often, especially foreign books because it helps me enhance my language skills like English or Chinese.
  2. Do Vietnamese people like to read?
    I don’t think reading is a popular hobby in my country. As far as I can tell, Vietnamese prefer something more exciting like videos or films. Reading is a bit tedious to many people.
  3. What kinds of people like reading and what kinds of people like do not like reading?
    Well, that’s an interesting question. I suppose middle-aged people or the elderly enjoy reading because they find life lessons from books really valuable and fascinating. However, teenagers are often attracted by other kinds of entertainment rather than reading.


  • enhance one’s language skills (v)
  • tedious (adj)
  • middle – aged(adj)
  • life lessons (n)
  • fascinating (adj)

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