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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Getting Bored

1. Do you often get bored?

Unfortunately, I do. And I feel extremely terrible whenever boredom comes and occupies my mind. That’s why I always try to make things a little bit more interesting, like creating some challenges or games in tasks that I have to complete.

2. Do you think you get bored more often now than you did when you were a child?

That’s exactly what I feel. I think it’s partly because my childhood was full of joy and excitement since I still lived with my family and had tons of friends to keep me laughing all day long. Now, even though I’ve been far from home for a long time, I still miss those days and the nostalgic feelings seems to exaggerate my boredom. You know, all the work- money things are not very amusing.

3. What things do you find boring?

Most activities that cost a lot of time seem pretty boring to me because I’m not that kind of person who can sit still and work for 10 hours straight. Also, I am easily bored by the same routine every day, so I change my schedule regularly to keep myself energized and enthusiastic.

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