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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Global warming

In this post, we discuss about “Topic Global warming” with sample answers. 

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Topic: Global warming

1. Do you care about global warming?

Answer 1:

To be honest, I am much aware of this phenomenon since it has been negatively affecting our lives in many ways. Since high school, I have been taught about how our world would be changed if global warming happens for a long time.

Answer 2:

Speaking of global warming, I have been really concerned about the overall situation of this phenomenon on a global scale. Some people find this topic boring and irrelevant to their daily lives, but in reality, it plays an important role in every species’ life on earth. Therefore, I believe that trying to keep abreast of the matter is essential to everyone. And so do I. I try to keep myself updated with all the news and information about this global issue almost every day.

2. Is this phenomenon affecting your life anyway?

Answer 1:

Truth be told, global warming is really impacting not only my life but also my country. Indeed, as the overall temperature is rising more and more, summers are hotter than ever, which threatens old people’s health. Moreover, wildfires are happening more frequently, thereby killing numerous creatures. 

Answer 2:

As you can probably tell, this issue has not only impacted my life but also the whole nation. It is evident that global warming has been the primary cause of some extensive climate changes. A particular example of this would be the seemingly everlasting summer, with many places in Vietnam having reported several new highest temperature points in the past few decades. This kind of weather has raised awareness of people’s well-being, especially those of the young and the old, since they are more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. 

3. How did you know about global warming? 

Answer 1:

If memory serves right, I first got to know this term when I was in high school. It was a geography class when my teacher was talking about this global phenomenon. After that, I also hear all kinds of information about this on TV and on the internet. And nowadays, this has become a heated debate on social media platforms and has been concerned by many people.

Answer 2:

If my memory serves me well, I first came across this term when I was in high school. At this time, my school held a small seminar about some abnormal weather phenomena affecting the planet Earth recently, and global warming was one of them. The teacher who delivered the speech about this topic was so fascinating and dedicated that it drew my attention right from the beginning.

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