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IELTS Speaking Part 1: School

1. How old were you when you started school?

I began my formal education at the age of six. I studied in a small local primary school and that was my only choice back then because that was the only school in town. To be honest, the authorities in my hometown didn’t care much about children’s education.

2. How did you get to school each day?

Well, normally, my father or mother would drive me to school. But sometimes, when they were occupied with their jobs, they would just ask a relative, or even an acquaintance to take me instead. People really trusted each other back then.

3. Tell me something about your school.

Well, it was located only 10 minutes away from my house, so I was never late for class. And because it was a school for gifted students, the competition was fierce, which, somehow, was a great source of motivation for me to try my best in studying.

4. Did you enjoy it? (Why?/Why not?)

Yes, I did. As I said earlier, my school was extremely close to my house so I wasted no energy on travelling. Moreover, all teachers were wonderfully supportive and always available to help me with my problems.

5. What were some of the most popular activities at primary school?

Well, at that time, mostly children played together in the playground. Besides studying in class, sometimes we had ceremonies to commemorate national heroes who died fighting for our country’s freedom. These events often included a singing contest, which I enjoyed tremendously.

6. Have you ever returned to see your old school again?

Well, in all honesty, ever since I graduated from primary school, I never had a chance to go back. My old school has been reconstructed, so it might be significantly different now from the one I knew. However, I’m planning to visit it in the near future with some old friends, and I bet that will be amazing.

7. Are you still in contact with any of the friends you had in primary school?

Yes, but not so many. This is mainly because most of my childhood friends have left town to find career opportunities in other parts of the country. I rarely go back home, but when I do, there are still some friends from primary school that I contact and we always have wonderful time together.


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