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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Social Media (Vocabulary/Question)

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Social Media


  • Streaming
    Being able to watch or share videos online , without the need to first download them .
    ” I enjoy browsing streaming sites , such as youtube or bilibili . “
  • To browse
    To casually look at or watch things online .
    ” Sometimes I like to spend my free time just browsing random posts or videos online . “
  • Post ( verb or noun )
    To post something online means to upload it for everyone to see .
    ” I like to take photos with my smartphone , and then post them on my facebook page . “
  • A meme
    A meme is usually a funny picture or video that usually spreads very quickly .
    ” Myself and my friends often enjoy sending each other funny memes through our social media accounts . “
  • Viral ( to go viral )
    When something online becomes very popular and spreads extremely fast .
    ” Black Pink’s new video has gone viral on all social media platforms . “
  • Vlog
    A vlog is similar to a blog except that the information is shared through video .
    ” I really enjoy travelling and love looking at some different travel vlogs online in my free time .”
  • A cyberbully
    A person who is mean to , or bullies others online .
    ” I think that cyberbullying is a big problem these days , and those responsible should be punished . “

IELTS speaking part 1 – Social media questions

  1. Do you like using social media ?

    ” Yes , I enjoy social media very much , and always keep my facebook page updated , with lots of photos , as well using it to keep in touch with friends , and see what’s going on in their lives . “
    ” To be honest , I don’t have much interest in social media , and really only use it to keep in touch with friends . I rarely post anything online, and rather meet people face to face . “
  1. How often do you use social media ?

    ” Oh , I use it quite a lot , and actually find it hard to go more than an hour or two without checking up on what’s happening . My social media account is usually the last thing I look at before going to sleep , and the first thing I look at every morning . “
    ” Well , I’m certainly not addicted to social media like many other young people today , and usually don’t open or use any social media apps, unless I’m feeling a bit bored , or sitting on a bus or something . “
  2. What’s your favourite social media platform ?

” I guess my favourite platform or app would have to be tiktok , and I find it’s a fun way to pass some time when I’m bored or have nothing to do . As well as that the videos are nice and short which suits my short attention span . “

” Well , I’m really into music , so my favourite social media platform is youtube , and I can spend hours on end browsing an endless list of music videos . As well as that , youtube also has a huge array of educational videos , and it’s possible to learn just about anything under the sun for free . “

  1. Do you think some people spend too much time on social media ?

” Yes , I think a lot of people , especially teenagers spend way too much time on social media , and in many cases have even become addicted to it . I guess everybody needs to learn to show some self – control when it comes to time spent on social media . “

  1. What’s the most popular social media app / platform in your country ?

    ” I’m not certain but I guess it’s probably . and almost anyone who has a smartphone or computer uses this app . It’s also actually a very useful app for keeping in touch with people , and can be used to make free video calls , as well as messaging . “


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