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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Sun – Islands

1. Sun

  • Do you like sunshine?
    → No, I don’t. I can get sunburnt very easily if I am exposed to the sun for long periods of time. I prefer rainy days when the temperature is much cooler. A windy day or a cloudy day is also great as I can’t put up with the terrible heat from the sun.
  • What do you do on sunny days?
    → I love to stay indoors because sunny days in Vietnam or other tropical countries are often very hot. I mean, a well air-conditioned room would be an excellent choice for a day with lots of sunshine. I try not to go out on such days; otherwise, I’ll sweat like a pig.
  • Have you ever used sunscreen?
    → Yes, I use it on a daily basis. Scientifically speaking, ultraviolet rays from the sun can speed up skin aging, which makes us look less attractive or even makes us more prone to skin cancer. That’s why I think it’s necessary to protect our skin by using sunscreen.

2. Islands

  • Have you ever been to an island?
    Yes, I have visited Phu Quoc and Binh Ba, which are famous islands in Vietnam. More interestingly, my friends and I also had a chance to set foot on an isolated island off the coast of my country, named Diep Son. Then, we put up a tent on the beach, and spent the whole night singing and talking under the starry night sky.
  • How many islands are there in your country?
    There are thousands of them, but to be honest, geography isn’t my forte, so I don’t remember the precise number. To the best of my knowledge, maybe roughly 2000, I guess. Some of them are well-known destinations, while others are quite off the beaten track.
  • Do you want to live on an island if you have a chance?
    Yes, I always dream of buying a house on a faraway island, living on my pension when I retire. The main reason is because I love walking along the beach while watching the sunset. From dusk til dawn, I can sleep soundly with the rhythm of the waves being a peaceful lullaby.

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