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IELTS Speaking part 1: Topic NEIGHBORS


How often do you see your neighbors?

Not really often, I have to say. I’m living in an apartment, so it’s quite hard to see my neighbors frequently. And because I’m working part-time and studying at the same time, I normally set off early in the morning and come back home quite late at night, which even makes it harder to see them.

Do you invite your neighbors to your home?

I have never done so. As I’ve said before, I don’t even have time to see and talk to them, let alone invite any to my home. But I think this is a great idea to get to know my neighbors better. So maybe in the near future, I will try once.

Do you think you are a good neighbor?

I don’t think so, I’m afraid. I don’t even know who lives on the same floor with me, so I can’t say I have a good relationship with them. But I can say with certain that I’m not a troublemaker. I mean, I’m not nosy, noisy or anything like that.

Has a neighbor ever helped you?

Let me see. There was once actually. That night I came home super late and I forgot to bring my keys. My phone was out of power as well, so I could not call my roommate to open the door. Luckily, a girl living next door appeared and lent me her phone.

Do you like the neighborhood you live in?

Sure. I’m currently living in District 5, which is right at the heart of HCMC. Though it’s quite noisy as being surrounded by two big hospitals, it is close to all basic amenities. I can get almost everything I need within walking distance.

What do you do in your neighborhood in your free time?

Well, my favorite place there is a convenience store called FamilyMart. I would spend hours there in my spare time, simply because that is the only nearby spot that I can enjoy the air-conditioner under the scorching hot weather of my city.

What new things would you like to have in your neighborhood?

I think more CCTV cameras should be equipped. As I’ve said before, there are two hospitals in my neighborhood, so the streets are always packed. This means there will be a lot of pickpockets and robbers. So I think the CCTVs can somehow raise the security level here.

Would you like to live in another neighborhood in your town or city?

I don’t think so. Up till now, everything is still perfectly fine for me. I can get to school and my workplace within 5 to 10 minutes from the place I live, which is so great. Also, my neighbors are very friendly and always willing to give a hand whenever I’m in need.

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