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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: SPORTS (Band 8.0)


1. What sports do you like? (why?)

I’m particularly keen on basketball. I guess the reason for this could be that basketball is a demanding and strenuous game, which helps me burn up lots of calories and keep myself in shape. Besides, it is a group activity that gives me the chance to meet up with new friends and build up strong relationships with others.

2. What sports are most popular in your country?

Soccer is the most popular game across the globe and my country people are not any exception. This is because football is an inexpensive sport to play and everyone can get involved in the game as long as they want to.

3. Are boys and girls good at the same sports?

Well, in all fairness, I would probably say no. Generally, boys tend to perform better at sports that require greater strength and stamina, such as football, boxing, or basketball. In contrast, girls seem to be masters at more relaxing and gentle activities, like yoga. But there are always exceptions. 

4. What sports do children prefer?

I guess that kids are particularly keen on engaging in group activities like soccer, or basketball. I suppose the explanation is that these games can be played in a team of ten to twelve people, not only giving children an opportunity to make friends but also bringing them great pleasure.


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