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IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Food & Cooking – Tradition &Custom -Places & Travelling (Question-Answer)

1. Food & Cooking:

  • What kind of food do you like to eat? 
    I mostly like homemade foods. They are hygienic, made from organic sources and have no chemicals or adhesive. However, my preference in homemade foods does not discourage me to dine outside. I prefer having dinner in a Chinese or Italian restaurant as I love their menu. I am also fond of Pizza and Sandwich.
  • What kind of new food would you like to try? Why?
    I have never tried Thai foods and I would love to taste it. One of my cousins is very fond of Thai foods and he had convinced me that I should give it a try. I think I would like it. I have a plan to take my family to a renowned restaurant in our city to taste the Thai foods together. Apart from that, I would love to try Japanese Sushi. I have heard so much about it but have never tasted it.
  • Do you like cooking? Why/ Why not?
    I love cooking. This is sometimes very relaxing and gives a good feeling. I do not need to cook very often but when I do, I feel like I kind of enjoy it. Maybe if I had to cook every day, my opinion could have been different!
    My mom mostly cooks in our house and whenever I declare that I would cook either for lunch or dinner, my brothers and sisters become excited and worried at the same time. They love the way I try to cook different menu each time and they often find my cooking tasty but they also remember some of the incidents when my foods tasted horrible. But if you ask me whether I enjoy cooking, I would say ‘yes’, and I like doing experiments no matter what others think about it.
  • What was the last meal you cooked?
    That must be more than 3 months since I cooked last time. It was fried rice with eggs, prawn and vegetables. I also cooked mutton with curry and as a desert, I made apple pie. Fortunately, this time, my siblings were pleased with my cooking!!!
  • Do you prefer home-cooked food or food from restaurants? Why?
    As I said my preference is home-cooked foods over outside foods. My father does not like the idea of having outside meals that often. Apart from that, my mother is an excellent cook and we enjoy her menu a lot. Outside foods are quite expensive and not fully hygienic. This is why all of my family members prefer home-made foods.
  • What are some kinds of food you never eat? Why?
    Stuffed peppers, pan-fried Scottish scallops served with tomato relish, salmon mollee, Japanese Sushi, popadums, Sour cream and Chive fries and Shrimp cocktails are some of the food items I have never eaten. Most of these items are not common in our city and I have heard about those menus from my friends. Since they are not available in our city and I do not have an extensive travelling experience, I did not get the chance to take them.
  • What are some reasons that people eat at a restaurant?
    Eating at a restaurant offers people to enjoy the foods as well as the views and surrounding. They do not need to cook and foods are usually delicious. People are treated well in a restaurant and people love that a lot. We can invite as many people as we want in a restaurant and we do not need to clean anything unlike eating at home. There are a variety of menus to choose from and people can enjoy exotic foods at a restaurant that are not usually cooked at home. We can meet friends and other relatives at a restaurant and enjoy our conversation without interruption. I think those are the main reasons we like to eat out in a restaurant even though we have to pay a large amount of money for the foods we eat.
  • Describe a popular food in your country? Why do people like this food? 
    Pizza is most probably one of the most popular food items in my county. This was not on the list of popular food items probably 10 years back, but the popularity of pizza, especially, among young people is unbelievable nowadays.
    The popularity is probably because of its taste and easy availability. Every corner of a street has a fast food shop in my town and they sell pizza. Craze among young generation about the fast food items, especially pizza, is another reason it is so popular in my country.

2. Tradition &Custom:

  • When do people give gifts or presents in your country? 
    Though gifts are exchanged round the year, the prevalence is seen more during the religious festivals in India like Puja, Eid or Christmas Day. Besides, there are some other days and events to give presents. Sometimes gifts are also given on private occasions to celebrate an anniversary or a special day.
  • Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home? Why? Why not? 
    Yes, I always take some sort of gifts when I go visiting someone. I, in fact, feel uncomfortable if I have nothing to offer the host while visiting them. If the host is an adult, then I prefer to take dry foods or fruits or if they have any kid at home, I prefer small toys, chocolates etc.
  • When did you last receive a gift? What was it?
    I received the last gift in January of 2016 (on my birthday). It was an iPhone belonging to the latest model (iPhone 6+). My parents gave me the gift.
  • Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people? Why? Why not?
    Yes. I really enjoy looking gifts for others. I actually plan for the gifts and always look for them. When I find the sought items, I get them and make a pleasant surprise for the people it was intended.

3. Places & Travelling:

  • Do you like travelling?
    Yes, I like travelling very much. In fact, travelling is my hobby and I also prefer travelling by all modes of vehicles. I love to explore new places and travelling let me broaden my horizon of experience and learning new things.
  • What place do you most like to visit? 
    I like visiting wide open places filled with trees and sands, and accordingly, the sea beaches are the best places that attract me. Besides, places with natural beauty are always on my priority list.  My second preference is the places with historical significance.
  • How often do you visit this place? 
    Umm…. Usually, I try to visit the place twice in a year. But if I cannot always manage time, I try paying the visit at least once a year.
  • Why do you like it so much?
    I like it because I love nature. Observing the natural scenes from a hill, hearing the sea waves, gazing at trees, enjoying the moonlit night on the wide sea beaches etc. are the most favourite activities of mine. They are a kind of addiction for me. Besides this, the historical places are great to visit in terms of witnessing the past history and learning new things.
  • Is it popular with many other people? 
    Well, I don’t think that this popular among many people. In fact, the number of people who want to go close to the nature is very limited. Though many people visit the beach, I think few of them enjoy the scenic beauties.
  • Has it changed very much since you first went there? In what way?
    Yes, the place has changed greatly since my first visit. Earlier, the beach was less crowded as it was located in a corner but with the modernization, the number of tourists has increased and thus it remains crowded always even at the night time. Apart from that, the transportation facility has improved and the number of resorts and tourists’ activities has also increased significantly.
  • How do you usually travel to work or college? Why? 
    I usually ride on buses on the way to work. The bus is one of the most convenient transport modes in India and economic as well. Moreover, riding a bus takes less time to reach the destination.
  • Have you always travelled to work/college in the same way? Why? Why not?
    No, a few years back I owned a private motorbike and used the bike all the time to reach my office. Nowadays my choice of transportation to reach office actually depends on my mood and urgency to work. On regular working days, if there are no unusual workloads, I ride a bus. But if it is a hefty working day and I need to reach office before the usual hour, I ride the bike to save time.
  • What do you like about travelling to work/college this way?
    The bus is economical and maintains a schedule. Being on a bus gives me time to read, listen to music and enjoy the side views. These are the great things I enjoy about riding a bus.
    When I am on my motorbike, I can reach office early and do not need to wait for the buses in the waiting line. Moreover, I can reach using several routes whereas a bus cannot avoid its preset directions.
  • What changes would improve the way you travel to work/college? Why?
    I think the number of buses should be increased and the traffic system should be made more efficient with the use of technology. In some of the streets and intersection, the traffic police members control the traffic manually and it should be developed or replaced with electronic systems like the western countries. This would be a great way to reduce the traffic jam and would make the journey more enjoyable.
  • What are some benefits of travelling? Why?
    There are a large number of benefits of travelling including it widen your knowledge and helps to get familiar with the unknown. Travelling makes your knowledge practical and you can compare the bookish knowledge and the real-life issues. The experience we get from travelling is helpful in our life and this is an excellent way of learning about diverse cultures, people and their customs. Finally, travelling also helps reduce our stress and refresh us.
  •  How often do you travel?
    Travelling is a part of my life and I frequently travel from place to place. But some of the travels are of short distance while some others are long. Usually, I go for a long trip several times in a year.
  • Where have you travelled too lately? 
    I have travelled to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, recently. I had not been there earlier as that is located far away from my place. This was an excellent experience and I am happy that I travelled there.
  •  What kind of places do you like to visit?
    Places with natural charm and scenic beauty are on my preference list. Sometimes I like to visit places surrounded by hills, river or filled with natural beauties. Usually, the natural beauties are eye soothing and wear a great look at night times. Historical places are in the second preference for visiting.
  • What is the first thing you will do when you arrive at the new place?
    It’s an important question. At first, I will check in a comfortable hotel or motel and then collect a local map and get familiar with the local street networks so that I don’t get lost in the area when I’m out.
  • Do you like to travel alone or with your friends?
    I like travelling with friends. Travelling with friends is advantageous and the fun and excitements are acuter than travelling alone.
  • Why do so many people like travelling nowadays?
    Due to the mechanised nature of the living styles, people easily get bored. The seek ways to get relief and travelling is one of the best ways for relaxation. Apart from that digital media let people know about the places they should visit. Finally, the cheap and easy air flights attract more people to visit new places.
  • How can you make sure you get the most from your travels?
    When I go for a travel, I try visiting all the available places on the spot. I like to eat the traditional foods from the adjacent eateries, get some local collectables or souvenirs, take snaps of notable places and relics, and participate in special activities. Thus I make sure that I get the most from the travel.

4. Clothes:

  • How important are clothes and fashion to you?
    I’m not that much worried about clothing or fashion. I believe that clothing gives a decent look and make people presentable before all. So, regarding attires, I actually prefer less gorgeous clothes but it should not be interpreted like the way that I should be too shabby to feel shy meeting people with the attires. Comfort is my first priority while choosing my costume.
  • What kind of clothes do you dislike? Why? 
    I dislike clothes which are too stunning and made with the use of eye-irritating colours. I like simple but attractive clothes which will make me look good and nice. I believe the colourful clothes do not make me look nice rather makes me look strange. Besides, I dislike unfit clothes as well.
  • How different are the clothes you wear now from those you wore 10 years ago?
    Well, there are not too many differences. People now prefer shorter clothes while the length was a bit more 10 years ago. The fashion has also been influenced by the western themes which were absent in that past.  For me, I used to wear casual dresses mostly- a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes and T-shirts were my most common dresses but these days I prefer to wear more formal dresses.
  • What do you think the clothes we wear say about us?
    Yes, clothes say a lot about us. When we are in worn out attires, usually people won’t look at us or pay the right attention, while they will adore us unexpectedly when we are in a stunning suit. So, I firmly believe that clothes say many things in our favour. The type of dresses someone wears gives hints about his social, economic, and job status. The colour preferences and style in dresses also reflects someone’s lifestyle and personality.

5. Music & Dancing:

  • Do you like music? Why? 
    Yes, I love music. There are several reasons behind my preference on music. The first and most important factor is that music helps me to get relaxed. It has some entertaining value as well. It is like a food for my mind and relieves me of stress and tension. The rich lyrics of many songs often inspire me.
  • What types of music do you prefer most? Why?
    Well, I mostly like soft music. Instrumental music is also on my preference list. The soft music helps me to concentrate on my work. Besides, less noise is created when I play the music. They usually have greater lyrics and touch my mind and heart.
  • Do you enjoy dancing? Why? Why not? 
    Yes, I love dancing. I love the movements made with the tones and lights, the dancers bring a massive change in their limbs which appears amazing to me. I know very little about dancing and if someone asks me to dance, I might decline. However, I really love the way other people dance. It is said that dancing is an exercise for our souls and it unifies the concentration and gives spiritual inspiration.
  •  Has anyone ever taught you to dance? Why? Why not?
    Uhh, actually, I am not that much interested in learning dancing. Though my parents wanted me to learn and practice dancing, I rejected their offer and thus nobody taught me ever to dance. I was more interested in sports like football and cricket than learning to dance.
  • Tell me about any traditional dancing in your country.
    Well, emerged during the Spanish colonial period, the Philippines take humble pride in Tinkling. This is a traditional dance performed with bamboo poles.
  • Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future? Why? Why not?
    The traditional dancing has potentials to grow in future as the dance takes place during different cultural events while the number of such events is on the rise. However, the influences of western and modern dancing might reduce the popularity of traditional dancing in future in our country.
  • What is your favourite musical instrument?
    I like flute more than any other musical instrument. I think flute has something magical inside it and the tone makes me charmed always.
  • How it has changed over the years?
    Well, there are no notable changes found on flute except its size and shape. Currently, the flutes are available in different sizes and of shapes while it was thin and smaller in past days. Some modern musical instruments have replaced its use in different music as well.
  • Who is your favourite musician? Why?
    I love Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia most. He is an Indian musician, especially flutist. He owns a distinctive flute playing style.
  • What are some benefits of listening to music? 
    Music has several benefits and I think it helps reducing stress. Besides, music can also improve moods while it makes the listeners happy. Music is well known for its healing power of our wounds. It is a symbol of a culture and tradition. Music inspires people and motives them to step forward.

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