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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Computer & Technology in the classroom

Computer games

1. What kinds of computer games do people play in your country?

All kinds of games, I’d say, from online to offline games, first-person shooter to strategy games. The video game industry has developed quite a lot in Vietnam, you know. So you can expect that the types of games we play here are quite diverse. 

2. Why do people enjoy playing computer games?

There are a bunch of reasons for this. In the case of children, I think they just simply find these games more interesting than some sports or outdoor games. They can actually control a character, immerse themselves in the story and decide what’s gonna happen at the end of a game. When it comes to adults, some people have been living with video games throughout their childhood, so these games have become a part of their lives. Some others may just want to find a way to escape from their tedious lives, I assume.

3. Do you think that all computer games should have a minimum age for players?

No, it’s not really practical. We should only set a minimum age for some games with explicit contents like violence or bad language. There are now a lot of games for children, and literally everyone can play those games, like Tetris. So there’s no need to restrict player’s age in those games.

Technology in the classroom

1. In what ways can technology in the classroom be helpful?

I think technology will be helpful when it serves as a tool to accelerate students’ learning. Teachers can make use of technology like PowerPoint slides, or even VR to visualise abstract information and make it easier for students to absorb knowledge. 

2. Do you agree that students are often better at using technology than their teachers?

It depends. If the teacher isn’t adaptive to technology, it can be hard for them to utilise classroom technology, so we can say in this case students are better. But if the teachers are proficient at using technological tools, then maybe they’re better than the students. 

3. Do you believe that computers will ever replace human teachers?

This is never gonna be the case. Computers are created and designed by humans to our tools. They have no ability to perceive this world and pass down knowledge to our children. Also, I don’t think anyone would ever want their kids to be taught by a machine or a program.

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