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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Tips to answer questions

1. Don’t give personal answers.

For example: Look at the question above, ‘Do you think dieting is important?

  • Incorrect answer: Yes. I am dieting to reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think everybody should go on a diet.
  • Correct answer: Yes, I think it is. If people are above their normal weight and are unhealthy, they should go on a diet in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

2. Give opinionated answers.

For example,

If your question is, ‘Why do you think people enjoy eating out?

  • Your correct answer would be:

‘I think people prefer a change of place sometimes. They might not be interested in eating inside the four walls of their house like they usually do. Another reason might be that they love to try different cuisines from different restaurants. Maybe they reach out to the restaurants for dishes whose preparations they are unaware. Eating outside with friends and family has also become a major past-time.’

3. Give examples along with your opinion.

For example,

If your question is, ‘Do you think parents should help their children with their homework or should it be done by the children on their own?’

  • Your answer should be:

‘I think it should be done by the children on their own but they can reach out to their parents for doubts. I think this will help them understand their homework as they will read more and research more to find out the answers rather than it being given to them in a platter. For example, on days that my brother did his homework on his own, he understood better and read more about the topic  than when my mom helped him with it.

4. Answering comparison questions

If you’re asked questions that need you to compare the present to the past, you would have to use certain vocabulary.

For example, if you’re asked ‘Are the recreation techniques that are popular today the same as those that were popular when your parents were young?

  • Your answer should be: No. They aren’t like how they used to be. Years ago, when my parents were young, recreation was based more on outdoor activities than indoor activities. Today, it is mainly cinema, social, media etc. but in the past, it was usually football, basketball or even swimming.

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