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IELTS Speaking Practice: Advertisements

In this post, we discuss IELTS speaking topic “Advertisements” with sample questions/answers.


IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Are there many advertisements in your country?

Definitely, there are. They appear all over the place from the streets to social media with a high density. For example, there is a multitude of colourful flyers stuck on the street walls in Sydney.

2. Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

I guess it’s due to the benefits of the companies. First, advertisements are the easiest way to reach customers to attract their attention to a particular brand or product. From that attractive information, customers will be able to choose an appropriate one. Second, it also plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy that the company apply to attract customers.

3. What are the various places where we see advertisements?

Advertising is here, there, and everywhere. It gets to people through different types of communication such as flyers and banners on the streets or printed ones on newspaper, magazines or electronic ones on social media. It could be written, verbal or a short movie.

4. How do you feel about advertisements?

Sometimes, I find it a little bit disappointing because the quality products are usually overrated. However, there are other beneficial advertisements in supermarkets which has informative contents for customers such as on which days there will be promotions or which new products will be launched.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue Card

Describe an advertisement you remember well

You should say:

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow-up Questions

  • Why do some people hate advertisements?
  • Do people usually buy things after seeing them advertised?
  • Are people more influenced by TV advertisements or internet advertisements?

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