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IELTS Speaking Practice: Talk About Your Childhood 

In this post, we discuss IELTS speaking topic “Talk About Your Childhood  with sample questions/answers.


IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Do you give expensive gifts?

No. I am not really a fan of expensive gifts. I love more creative, thoughtful gifts. A thoughtful gift depicts how much effort you put into something. So, yes, I always prefer creativity over extravagance.

2. What kind of gifts are popular in your country?

Our people enjoy giving something useful. They will always prefer an induction oven over a flower bouquet. They have special gifts for every occasion. Clothes for traditional occasions, toys for birthdays and so on.

3. Why do people give gifts?

People give gifts because that’s how they show or depict their love and respect for one another. Sometimes gifts pave way for a long lasting bond or sometimes it’s just for formality. Either way it means to people.So they continue this tradition.

4. What’s the best present you have ever received?

When I was in class 8, all my friends decided to surprise me for my birthday. They made a huge card with pictures of every small memory and small stories. I still preserve it. Now, I have lost touch with most of them, but this card reminds me of the wonderful memories. Thus this was the best gift I ever received.

Speaking Part 2

Describe a present you received when you were a child

You should say

  • What the present was
  • Who gave it to you
  • How the present was used
  • and explain how you felt when you got this present.

Sample Answer

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow-up Questions

  • Do people in your country often give gifts?
  • What kinds of presents do people in your country give?
  • On what occasions do people in your country send gifts?
  • If you were going to give a present to a child, what would you give them?
  • Do people give the same kinds of gifts to both boys and girls?
  • Are expensive gifts always better than cheap gifts?
  • Do you think it is necessary for friends to give presents to each other?

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