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IELTS Speaking : Topic Newspapers

I.Topic Newspapers : PART 1

1. Do your often read newspapers?

Well, I’m actually not the type of people who dip into their daily newspapers. Since the presence of the Internet is pretty much ubiquitous nowadays, I often go online and flick through e- news on a regular basis. It is surprising to know that social media platforms like Facebook can keep you updated with what’s going on around the world.

2. Do you prefer to read local news or international news?

I actually don’t have any preference toward either of them. Domestic news is obviously important because those affairs have a direct impact on our life. On the other hand, foreign news is very interesting as they can help me enrich my horizons, therefore I don’t want to lose track of either of them.

3. Which is more popular where you live, newspapers or magazines?

I would say that these two share equal popularity in Vietnam. Newspaper, although may be a little bit old-fashioned, is still the main source of daily news for adults, especially among senior citizens. On the other hand, magazines are becoming increasingly appealing to young people for their attractive visuals nd interesting columns

4. Do you think newspapers will be very important to you in the future?

I think it depends. Since the development of technology never seems to come to a halt, I strongly believe that I will choose e- newspapers over the traditional edition. Besides the obvious convenience that
e- news can offer, I’m drawn to the fact that it’s much cheaper and more reliable.

II.Topic Newspapers : PART 2

Describe a magazine or newspaper that you like to (or, often) read

You should say:

  • What the newspaper is
  • What it is about
  • How often you read it
  • and explain why you like to read it.

Well first of all, being a university graduate with major in media and socio-cultural communication, it should come as no surprise that reading newspapers is something I have to do on a daily basis, just to keep myself updated of global events. But the problem is, I find buying printed newspapers a real hassle, because my hectic schedules wouldn’t allow me to travel to a news stand in wrap. And that’s where the online news come in. So out of the websites that I subscribe to, I would personally put The New York Times on top of the list.

Now I guess introducing to you what The New York Times is would be awfully redundant, since you would’ve probably been too familiar with how powerful and influential it is. The New York Times is one of the powerhouses of the publishing industry, with around 3 million total subscriptions for its online format, if I’m not mistaken, which I think quite impressive.

So, the reason why I chose to pay an annual subscription fee for The New York Times, is because I find it to be a very reliable source of news. Well, I believe that The New York Times has presented some of the most accurate and deepest articles, as well as opinion editorials you can find about US and foreign events. And on top of that, what I think sets The New York Times apart from other periodicals is the fact that it has super intense coverage on any particular matter. In fact, during my thesis research on Trump’s use of social media platforms – particularly Twitter – I gained tremendous understanding of the topic through reading dozens and even hundreds of articles presented on The New York Times. And I was really grateful for that!

Now, in another aspect, I would say that the subscription fee of The New York Times can be quite discouraging for some people. I mean to pay a few dollars per month for an online edition of news can be quite expensive for some people. I would totally comprehend that but at same time, judging from my own experience, I think for only that amount of money for the readership on The New York Times would be so invaluable and would not disappoint you.

II.Topic Newspapers : PART 3

1. How do the newspapers market themselves for increasing sales?

Newspapers use different strategies to boost up marketing. They publish advertisements on television and display their banners on hoardings. Apart from this, they also advertise themselves on websites. They have catchy slogans to attract mass number of people. Those newspapers which are quite new in the market try to give discount offers to the public on purchase of the newspaper packages, while those which are already established keep on retaining their customers through various plans and offers.

2. What kind of marketing practices do these newspapers use?

One of the effective marketing practices is to visit the people in their homes. Sales team goes door to door for selling and marketing their newspapers. This works great for a newly launched newspaper. Many newspapers such as Amar Ujala and Dainik Bhaskar used these practices when they started and now, they have become quite popular newspapers across the country. Another successful strategy used by newspapers is to offer gifts along with monthly subscription of their newspapers. They usually offer utensils, appliances etc. to attract more and more people.

3. Do you think people will use the internet to read news online?

Absolutely, people would prefer to use the internet for reading news online especially through their mobile applications. They are already using the internet to a much larger extent that they check for weather updates, news updates and watch talk shows online on their computers or mobiles. In the future also, this trend is likely to get widen.

4. Do you think newspapers manipulate real stores for increasing their sales?

Yes, it is possible that some newspapers may be altering real stories to make them look attractive and pleasing to the readers. Some local newspapers may be publishing fake stories also. For example, it is seen many a times that some editors publish rumours about celebrities or famous personalities just to boost up their sales. When celebrities are then asked about such published stories, they completely deny them. Just for the sake of publicity of their papers, they spread false news or rumours and this is quite prevalent these days.

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