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IELTS Writing Task 2: Films

Nowadays, it is not only large companies that are able to make films as digital technology enables anyone to produce films.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer

Thanks to the advancement of digital technology, it is now possible for almost anyone to make a film. Personally, I think this is a positive development, and will discuss the issue in the following essay.

Firstly, with the advancement of personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, and digital cameras, making films is now reasonably simple for many people. This advancement has therefore allowed film-making to become a hobby and creative outlet for many people around the world. There are even many apps available these days that allow people to shoot and edit short films on their smartphones, and then upload the content to social media and other platforms for people to see. Secondly, producing films is not only a hobby for some people, but also a passion and a career goal. Now, with such technology available, even those who do not have the opportunity to formally study filmography at university, or those with a natural talent for film-making are able to follow their dreams.

Besides being beneficial for those seeking creative expression, this development is also positive in other ways. In the past couple of decades, Hollywood movies have become repetitive and boring for many people, and thanks to the development of technology, many creative directors and film-makers who may not have been able to produce their films or release them to the mainstream public are now able to thanks to the internet and digital technology. This has allowed for a greater diversity of films and videos for people to see. And finally, technology has now allowed people to create documentaries about important issues in society and publish them online to inform people about pressing issues, such as the environment. In the past, what films and documentaries people were able to see was limited to what was produced by large film producing companies, whose main concerns are making profits.

In conclusion, although there may be some minor drawbacks of this development, they are far outweighed by the benefits that it brings.


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