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IELTS Writing Task 2: Government ( Discussion Essay)

Governments should support care vs finance for retired people while others believe that they should save money when they get older.

Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Sample Answer :

It is true that elderly people who have retired are in great need of care and financial support. Although I accept that the government should look after and financially support them, they need to have their own savings because the national budget does not suffice to pay for everything each citizen needs in their life.

On the one hand, it is necessary for the government to provide care and financial aid for retired citizens because each of them has certain contributions to society. Economically, some people enrich the national budget through the taxes they pay, while others spend money on commodities and services when going shopping, which allows businesses to earn profits and pay taxes as well. Such taxes can be used by the authorities to develop their country, such as building hospitals, and pay for officials like police officers or politicians. As a way of compensation for their devotion in their youth, the government ought to offer the elderly money-related assistance and care services, for example, regular free-of-charge health checkup.

On the other hand, the elderly should not entirely rely on the governmental support as this can cause a huge financial burden on the state budget. However wealthy a country can be, it can hardly satisfy each of their people’s demands, so every individual in society should save their own money to cover their non-essential expenses. Without a sum of savings, they would face a lot of difficulties when they need to afford entertainment or new fashion items. It is not advisable for the government to spend excessive amounts of money on public welfare as this will harm the budget used to solve pressing social issues such as environmental pollution or the housing crisis.

In conclusion, I believe the government should assist retirees with money and take care of them, but it is each retiree that needs to save certain amounts of money to stay financially independent.

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