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IELTS Writing Task 2: News (Opinion)

Some people think news has no connection to people’s lives. So then it is a waste of time to read the newspaper and watch television news programs.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

It is argued that there is no use in reading newspapers and watching news programs on television because news is irrelevant to people’s daily lives. From my perspective, I somewhat agree with this point of view because although I believe there is a connection between news and people’s lives, reading newspapers and watching news on television is pointless.

To begin with, I disagree that news do not have any sort of connection to everyday life. By definition, news are information or reports about recent events and are often categorized into different topics, each of which will attract a certain group of audience. For example, sport-minded people will be interested in reading sport news, while businessman will be more concerned with economic news. In other words, human’s interests in various fields will always be the glue that links news with people’s lives no matter what.

Although news is connected to people’s lives, I do believe reading newspapers or watching television news programs is a waste of time. We can read up to thousands of articles every day, yet very few of them help us make better decisions for our life, business or career. For example, weather forecasts and political news do not affect most of us. In addition, news produces news that captures viewers’ attention  since the human brain reacts disproportionately to different types of information. Scandalous, shocking or people-based news, which often hold little value, stimulate us and consume a large amount of our time although we barely learn anything useful out of them.

In conclusion, I argue against the statement claiming that news has no connection to people’s lives because news reports what people are interested in. However, I firmly agree that reading news is a waste of time since it does not help people make better decisions and the media is biasing a large amount of non-helpful news.


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