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IELTS Writing Task 2: Sugar-based drinks

Topic: People are having more and more sugar-based drinks.

What are the reasons? 

What can be done to make people drink less?

Sample Answer

People are consuming more and more sugar-based drinks such as soft or energy drinks. I will discuss a number of reasons for this as well as several ways to encourage people to reduce their consumption of such drinks.

There are two main reasons why sugar-based drinks are consumed in large amounts everyday. Firstly, such drinks provide extra energy, increase mental alertness and help consumers to maintain high concentration necessary for their work. Most modern jobs are becoming more and more demanding and require people to spend greater effort to succeed, consequently leading to the popularity of sugar-based drinks. Secondly, the increased consumption of sugar-based drinks is linked to consumers’ lack of awareness and knowledge of a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as the dominance of fast food in the food industry. That is why sedentary lifestyles and convenient but nutrient-poor meals which include sugar-based drinks like Coca-Cola or Pepsi are being favored by a large number of people.

Although reducing the consumption of sugar-based drinks is a complex task, there are a few ways that could be done to discourage people from using those drinks regularly. One instance is to impose higher taxes on the production and distribution of sugar-based drinks, which inevitably increases their price. This may have an effect on the amount of such drinks being consumed. Another thing is that there should be more educational propagation campaigns that encourage people to follow healthy dietary guidelines and lifestyles and to refrain from using sugar-based drinks.

In conclusion, the problem of people having more and more sugar-based drinks is caused by a number of factors as discussed in the essay. Increasing taxes on sugar-based drinks and running propagation campaigns to raise consumers’ awareness of their health are two feasible solutions to combat such problem.


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